Μicrosoft Office 365 Pro Plus 5 Devices Lifetime Activation





✅ Windows/ Mac/ Mobile

✅ Full Support

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Office 365 license with 1 TB OneDrive – for 5 devices – IMMEDIATE DELIVERY AFTER THE PURCHASE!

Lifetime Account
No expiry
PC / Mac Windows
With the help of this software you can get all Microsoft Office applications, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, OneNote, OneDrive, Outlook, Publisher and much more!
Note Publisher & Access is only available for computers running Windows
This software is multilingual, you can choose our language during installation.
It is fully legal software. You can update as usual.
This is a NEW account. There is no CD or key or serial code! This can not be used to renew an existing subscription
Because no key is needed for activation

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237 reviews for Μicrosoft Office 365 Pro Plus 5 Devices Lifetime Activation

  1. Username


  2. houstonbuyer

    great product


  3. Amazon Customer

    programa office 365

    initially i had all sorts of problems then i had to eliminate my old windows version , it works fine now.

  4. Samuel J. Groonm


    Works as required

  5. Amazon Customer

    Easy to install


  6. Olliepop

    Easy Peasy!

    New 16” MacBook Pro, needed to upgrade the software, God bless cjkeymall Prime! Got it it showed up in an email, loaded it literally in about 2 min. Started using it the same day. Documents save where I want them to be saved. Easy to follow instructions. Awesome! Worth the subscription!

  7. Kim Ladouceur

    Didn’t have trouble installing

    Took a little while for the email to come though, but I did not have any trouble installing like other reviews have said. 🤷‍♀️ Has worked great for me.

  8. Gerry B.

    Good price

    It’s Office

  9. Jaketia

    12month subscription

    Please set a reminder bc after a year they will charge you for the next years subscription

  10. Jo

    Updated Version

    New version has been easy to transition into from 2010 discontinued version.

  11. SundayAtDusk

    New Fire HD 10 Bundle Deal 12-Month Subscription . . . .

    This came with the “All-new Fire HD 10 tablet, 32 GB, Black + Bluetooth keyboard + 12-month Microsoft 365 Personal subscription (auto-renews)” bundle deal that cjkeymall released this week. One of the reasons that I got the bundle deal was because of this 12-month subscription. I had been subscribing to Microsoft 365 Personal monthly through Microsoft, and getting it for one year from cjkeymall will save me money. Plus, I applied a $30 gift card to this purchase, received from trading in an older HD 10, so I saved even more money.Since my monthly subscription was about to renew, I cancelled auto-renew, and waited until Microsoft sent me an e-mail stating my Office had expired. I then went to “Memberships & Subscriptions” in my cjkeymall account and downloaded Office. Well, actually, it was all on my desktop anyway, and I just had to sign in at Microsoft for everything to be activated again. Just took a few minutes.On the Fire, you sign in using your Microsoft account e-mail and password, not your cjkeymall email and password. Everything in Office is on the Fire HD 10, but I have no idea how everything will work on the Fire; if it will work just as it does on a desktop or laptop. I only use Word to write documents and reviews, and that is working exactly the same. I do nothing elaborate, though.You manage the Office 365 account from your “Memberships & Subscriptions” cjkeymall page, not at Microsoft. Thus, you go there to turn on or off auto-renew or to cancel your subscription. I prefer subscribing to things when possible through cjkeymall. It makes life easier and everything is in one place. 

  12. Dr.Jé

    So What’s the Fuss ?

    That awkward moment you hesitate on a purchase because of the reviews. I was able to access with no issues – no run around – no delays – instant.I created a new “gmail” account – then I went back to my e-mail and clicked the activate button – -within 30 seconds I had a new Office 365 account and 1TB of storage. At this price point it was cheaper to use One Drive versus the 3 Google Drive storages. $6 a month for 300gb or ~5 a month for 1024gb……

  13. Eddie McBride

    Yes I did, and must say that I’m very happy with them. Thanks so very much.

    Yes I did, and must say that I’m very happy with them. Thanks so very much.

  14. Ashley carley

    Not bad alittle tricky to install if you’ve never download this or used it before

    It works great but they give no instructions on how to download it you have to go to cjkeymall and then subscriptions and install that way but all and all it’s a wonderful program just will never get a downloadable subscription from cjkeymall again would rather have the disc in hand !! And not have to figure out downloading not to mention I should have read the ratings alot of them said that I just figured it’d be easy hope my review helps !


  15. PKING

    Windows version 8.1 not supported

    Excellent support service from McAfee – but my computer is out of date and I am currently looking to upgrade.

  16. Noelia Vidal

    Office 365

    Very patient

  17. Vaibhav J.

    Good product. we liked it

    Good product. we liked it

  18. Veronica L. Wilson

    Easy to install

    I was worried about purchasing after reading some of the reviews, but someone commented about how to go about getting key code and it worked fine for me. As mentioned by another, after purchase, you can find access code by going to subscriptions, advance controls and manage licenses. Installation did take about 20 minutes.

  19. DO

    Easy to use and install.

    Really easy to install and use, the apps are pretty useful.

  20. NL_Mommy

    Easy to install if you know where to look

    My license ran out on Office for my PC. I didn’t really want to go the monthly subscription route through Microsoft directly so I chose to purchase this Office 365 package. It was super easy to install, but in case you run into an issue and need the product key, you may access it by going to”Subscriptions””Manage Subscription””Advanced Controls””Manage Licenses” and you will find your license code.I simply had to write a review after I saw all the negative feedback on here about the product. 

  21. judith c leonard

    Good product

    Great product

  22. DIANA

    Microsoft 365

    Easily installed. Cured the problems I was having and no ads so far on my Outlook e-mail.

  23. Julie Ann


    I was nervous to buy this based on a lot of bad reviews, but with the most recent review saying worked great/go ahead I decided to go for it. It is a $10 savings cost for 1 year of personal here compared to what it is on the Microsoft website. I bought it and upon post purchase screen look for a yellow “Activate now” button. cjkeymall takes about a minute to calibrate your subscription, so just give it that time. Click activate, then go through the prompts on the Microsoft page it redirects you to. Worked great and got it installed in a breeze!


  24. Jim White

    Best Buy in the computer world. Tech problems are gone with a single phone call. Your

    Tech support is the best in the world

  25. Zoe


    Easy set up on Surface Go. So far, so good.


  26. Phil T

    Very Convenient

    Good price. Very convenient way to load it into your Microsoft account.

  27. KBlair14

    Working from home

    Reasonable price, easy to install. Very pleased.

  28. George Espinal


    Love the product


    Quality for Price

    Complete office package with the ease of use and access to so many tools. Integrated with One drive with optimum storage space. Value for money.

  30. Bernard bruce

    You won’t be disappointed with having Office and Microsoft’s excellent support of their products.

    So far so good! I’m not happy about having to subscribe to Office, but hey, I guess that’s the way of everything nowadays. I am happy with the apps and the availability of mobile apps provided by this. Very cool. I didn’t know One Drive was part of this, so it is an additional perk. I bought a Surface Laptop to use Office on, and my only issue was with correctly setting up the mail account and adding my other email account to it. Microsoft User Support walked me through every aspect of setting it up and was able to remote to my laptop to guide me. Excellent customer service! 

  31. Investigator2

    Renew with ease

    Seamless for renewal. Microsoft is top notch!

  32. Richard C.

    Rick C

    Keeps me efficient

  33. Technically

    Convenient installer

    Easy to install and renew. Reminders and tracking is extremely helpful

  34. Janet Morales

    Ms office

    Bought the download very satisfied with product and price

  35. Cindy

    Very Satisfied

    It was easy to install and works seamlessly with my documents.

  36. s

    Great product

    Very easy to install and use immediately. Thank you

  37. pacrat


    Outstanding I would buy from them again anytime.

  38. Helen Hamilton

    easy download and very easy user interface

    My office suite expired and I needed an easy way to reintergrate. You can’t open any office documents or files unless you have an active version on your PC. I am not ready to purchase a new computer so the yearly subscription works best for me. Another reson to have the yearly is that you always have the most recient version to wourk with.

  39. Donna Cornell

    Have not had time


  40. Gem

    microsoft 365

    Personal use

  41. Thomas Dalton III

    Easy ea SAS y easy

    Works well. Easy to set up

  42. juan

    No problems.

    No issues.

  43. Yovanis Rafael Granados Martinez


    Fácil y práctico de adquirir.

  44. bigmel

    Good product

    As all ways good product.

  45. Eric Rosemond

    Great buy

    But for sons laptop for college. He loves it and say perfect for his needs.

  46. StarFaye Croy

    Software 365 Personal — Good Deal

    I have very pleased with this software. It was easy to install and the renewal process is painless. I would recommend this to anyone you has used MS Office.

  47. Stacey

    We all need the software

    Good software and it helps to have someone with an IT background to assist.

  48. Customer

    Good price and easy to install

    Video tutorial and instructions made it easy to install. Good deal on price as well.

  49. Mike

    Works well.

    No more tangles cords.

  50. lilletta99

    Works Perfectly

    Simple install for renewal of membership

  51. Mark Anderson

    Just what you’d expect

    This product functions well, as you would expect a Microsoft product to function.

  52. beach mom of 2 and Amma to 1

    Needed help ANd all is running smoothly

    When I realized that Office 365 didn’t download, I called the help number 800-936-5700 and nice guy name Jeff popped over and helped me install. It took about 30 minutes but I am a very happy camper now. He also threw away my older version so their was no confusion. BTW- I use a Mac. 

  53. Ed P.


    Great product has worked out just what I needed

  54. Larry Langer

    that it works

    renewal went smoothly

  55. Harvey Chapman

    Easy to install

    Easy to install its office not much to write about

  56. Dan Wat

    Best price you can get on this software.

    Comprehensive office suite software. cjkeymall price is the lowest available.

  57. jim ganci

    Microsoft 365- great product

    excited about the possibilities

  58. Maria Buelo

    Easy Setup

    It was so easy to renew my Microsoft 365 through cjkeymall recently. As soon as I did, everything was quickly updated! Talk about easy peasy!

  59. Ken Rinehart

    Great Software

    Had no issues installing or using the software.

  60. Tanesha Barkley

    Need Microsoft Office Permanently with cjkeymall Prime

    I use Microsoft Office Software like Word for school reports; Excel for charting money /business expenses; PowerPoint for presentations etc. I use these features in my daily life I prayed as God how could I have these features annually without paying millions of dollars becoming an cjkeymall Prime member I can get discounts off everything. A low monthly charge for Prime membership I can shop at Whole Foods Mart. Sure I can actually go to Whole Foods Physical store down the street but if I can’t make an order online.

  61. Gayle Heyer

    Click, click and it’s done

    A great download purchase. Instructions were easy to follow and concise.

  62. Rebecca A. Flores


    Great update

  63. Anastasia Green

    Mostly Happy with my purchase

    I had difficulty figuring out how to install the software once it was purchased I was waiting for an email that still has not come. Once I was able to access the download it was pretty easy. Wish I could just buy the software outright and not have to pay yearly, but I wanted Publisher as well as Word and Excel. (I have a PC) This was the best option for what I needed.

  64. Debbie Nelson

    Great deal

    I type for a living from home so always want the most updated MS Word and Outlook. I searched around and found the best deal here and purchased it. After a few weeks I noticed a glitch and contacted support who within an hour had it resolved. 

  65. Spencer


    I like this product.

  66. Richard Willis

    great product

    I am pleased with this product its good for Grads school and for my project

  67. Customer

    No Problems with this item!

    It is working so far! 

  68. Amazon Customer

    Microsoft office

    I like the fast way by I got my product.

    One person found this helpful

  69. BC

    Microsoft 365 Personal | 12-Month Subscription

    received as expected

  70. Brittney


    The programs do what they’re supposed to.

  71. RICH W

    Mostly using Word and excel.

    Works well !

  72. Gregory D.

    I got a good deal on price great product for IPad and PC

    I got a good deal on price great product for IPad and PC

  73. Keyy


    downloaded as soon as purchase was complete.

  74. Alexi

    Purchased for my husband

    He still has it, no complaints. Works well according to him.

  75. Dogs & Horses

    Makes working in the field a breeze

    I’ve recently taken over as director of a major city department and that means working in the office, around town, out in the industrial park and on the road sometimes. Just because I’m not in my physical office, doesn’t mean documents don’t get written, edited or printed for someone else. I could not be more pleased with Microsoft 365 for my needs.I’ve used it at a City Council meeting on my Samsun Note phone, at a construction site on my tablet and of course on my laptop in various situations. Every document autosaves and can be accessed from my other devices as needed with zero drama. You’re just carrying your entire workspace around in the cloud. And it actually works perfectly.

  76. Olddiverken

    Fabulous App.

    Ease of use and many functions available.

  77. Alicia

    Super easy to install, was concerned because of reviews. Ignore the negative….

    Easy for someone who struggles

  78. Elizabeth McElveen

    Buy this!!

    Great Buy!

  79. Bob

    Not completely user friendly to install

    I had help with my own personal computer assistant. He helped me install.

  80. Just a Guy

    Easy Setup

    cjkeymall must have changed the activation process of this product because it is very simple. All you need is your Microsoft ID and password and follow the instructions on the email from cjkeymall. It took a few minutes to download and I am up and running!

  81. Phillip Rozanski

    Auto-renewall was not seamless

    MS Office 365 is a great product. It does everything expected. However, my experience with the cjkeymall “help” desk wasn’t. My seamless update took all morning to rectify a problem that I was having retrieving my files from the MS OneDrive. During the morning I was shuffled from one tech to another. The overall experience left me wondering if I should have bought MS Office 365 from Microsoft instead.

  82. AAG338

    Cheaper than buying the annual subscription directly from Microsoft.

    If you are already a 365 user and just need to re-up your annual plan this is $11 cheaper than going directly through Microsoft and it took me about 30 seconds to connect to my existing Microsoft account and extend. I double check the expiration date once it connected and voila. There is no key code to download just a link that cjkeymall sends to connect to your Microsoft account and apply the purchase.




  84. Michael B.

    Great Program

    Great program at a great price

  85. Carlos Castillo

    Works fine!

    The license was easy to locate but the installation is a little bit tricky.

  86. Amazon Customer

    good work online

    I have no complaints tk u

  87. amber daugherty


    Delivered as described. Highly recommend this product.

    One person found this helpful

  88. Heriberto Torres

    Great service

    Perfect product

  89. MikeB

    Big Upgrade since earlier versions

    If you haven’t looked that the Microsoft office suite in a while, it’s time to look again. I use Excel and Word daily and the enhancements are significant for both. Word has all the features and options spelled out in the top ribbon and the automatic edit features are impressive. They highlight problems missed by some others. While Apple’s Pages and Numbers are full feature, their ease-of-use in just not there. the “Save As” feature alone makes Word the better choice. Like many I dislike the subscription payment approach, but if you are a serious writer or spreadsheet user, why not use the best.

  90. V. Spurlin

    Upload photos and more

    My husband purchased this for me. I’m really enjoying it.

  91. Olliepop

    Easy Peasy!

    New 16” MacBook Pro, needed to upgrade the software, God bless cjkeymall Prime! Got it it showed up in an email, loaded it literally in about 2 min. Started using it the same day. Documents save where I want them to be saved. Easy to follow instructions. Awesome! Worth the subscription!

  92. judy

    Microsoft 365

    Very useful.

  93. Liza

    Easy peasy

    Great to deal with- immediately got my subscription email.

  94. Amazon Customer



  95. Amazon Customer


    I don’t know was for my wife. Sorry guys.

  96. carl may

    It’s Microsoft Office

    Familiarity with product Is a plus

  97. Pamela

    Item works great

    The product works great with Microsoft assistance

  98. CW

    Activation went very smoothly

    I’ve read the many recent reviews indicating difficulties getting the product as purchased through cjkeymall activated. I had an existing office subscription that expired a few days ago. I purchased the new subscription through cjkeymall, and just clicked on the link I found in my Manage Subscriptions section of my cjkeymall account. It took me to directly to a Microsoft Account log-in page, where I logged into my Microsoft account, and then without any additional input from me, cjkeymall electronically transferred the information on the just purchased subscription into my Microsoft account; a 1 year subscription to Microsoft 365 is now activated and functional. Now, I have no idea what my subscription number is or what the actual activation code is, but I didn’t have to input anything. I just clicked on the link provided by cjkeymall that is found in cjkeymall > Your Account > Memberships and Subscriptions > Other Subscriptions > Current Subscriptions. I hope this is helpful to anyone concerned about purchasing this through cjkeymall. 

  99. Jon H

    This Office key sure does give you Office!

    It does all the Office things I was hoping it would.

    One person found this helpful

  100. Nicole M.

    Easy to use!

    Easy to download with no issues

  101. Sam

    A DEAL at purchase and renewal!

    Use with my Fire Tablet. Can use and coordinate with my PC. 1 terabyte of cloud storage is certainly useful. And the cjkeymall price for renewal is shocking more affordable.Sam

  102. C. Corbiell

    Easy to use Internet Based software

    Works with both hard drive and Internet-based software

  103. Wayland T Lim

    Don’t be scared off with 4 year old negative reviews

    I only bought this product because I needed to do some editing of a specific work-related document. I could not rely on using a free “compatible” application because I needed to maintain the format and fonts used in the original file. So many “power” users and newbies commented on how terrible this product was, how difficult it was to download, and how it was a cloud version of the software and not the real Microsoft applications. I don’t understand their comments. After making my discounted purchase through cjkeymall, I was quickly sent to the Microsoft 365 download site. There I was easily able to download all the Office applications to my Mac desktop. It took less than 2 minutes to download the installation pack and another 20 minutes to actually have the Office products installed on my hard drive. This was extremely straight forward and painless process. In less than 30 minutes , I was able to use MS Word and do everything I wanted to do.

  104. Chantal

    Fácil de instalar

    Súper rápido de activar, el código se muestra digitalmente, para poder continuar usando los servicios de office!

  105. Nam Nguyen


    At first i didnt see any download button kinda upset me a little bit, then start go through order list and check back but did not see anything about download the product, until i open my email register with amazon. The download and activation is in there. Is easy and not hard just need a better explain for the customer does not know how to activate the key through email that they register with amazon.My microsoft 365 is awesome has no issue at all. GL all hope this help. 

  106. Juan Carlos MONJE P.

    Todo es más práctico.

    Señores es muy funcional para Office 365 y facial de instalar mediante cjkeymall.

  107. Fco E

    Acces to an excellent suite of software.

    The industry standard.

  108. Janice

    Easy to use

    What a pleasure to have all this on a tablet. I have not found instructions yet, but was able to create, save and print a document with ease.

  109. Brandon

    Contrary To Popular Reviews

    I was slightly concerned with purchasing this after reading the reviews about how difficult the process was. However, the process for activating could not have been simpler. I did have to go into my amazon account and view my subscriptions > advanced subscription options to find my product key, but that process would more than likely be expected for anyone not buying directly from Microsoft. If you already have the trail downloaded (most windows computers already have it installed) it was just a matter of logging into Microsoft and copy-paste. In total (not including download time) it took 6 minutes.The fact that cjkeymall is able to provide a discount (usually unheard of with most software, besides to students – check with your school first ALWAYS) makes the negligible extra steps worth it. I was able to make 6 equal payments with my cjkeymall card with still getting the paid-in-full price.Disclaimer: I work in software for a living but if you have a need to use word/excel/etc and are unable to complete these steps, i would recommend taking a computers 101 class. 

  110. Lori

    Easy to Install

    Microsoft 365 is very easy to use and downloading was a breeze. I haven’t used any other software packages comparable to Microsoft 365 but I can’t see anyone else being so user friendly.

  111. William Powell

    Good well tested product

    Like everything

  112. Fred Torres

    Office 365 is so easy to use

    Easy to download and install.

  113. Mark Fernihough

    I had a few problems but it all worked out

    My personal use

  114. Diego Rojas


    It is a great help for preparing documents, spreadsheets and presentations from different devices

  115. Civilworks Design

    It appears this is a perpertual purchase without cancellation

    The installation took a bit longer than expected. Activation is not done from amazon rather from microsoft. That instruction needs to be clear to buyer. There is no tech support from amazon. Otherwise purchase and installation is easy.

  116. John B. Sullivan

    Had to call tech support to download.

    Had to call tech support to download.

  117. Jackie Miles

    easy download

    I have been using an old edition of WORD to write documents, Microsoft finally quit supporting it so I had to get something to be able to access those files. This has a lot more applications, and the best thing is that I can use it on multiple computers, I use it on both my desk top & laptop, which makes it more economical. I’m very happy with this purchase.

  118. Richard V

    Great value.

    Fast, easy install.

  119. Paula

    its good

    I bought it and then I found out my uni had it for free. ha. Sad.

  120. jessikin


    I was worried my windows 8 would not work with it, it does.

  121. LI Bob

    works well. quality software.

    This is a great package of important software. I am a big fan. I like that it is automatically updated. I like that I can use it on five devices. I like that I get Microsoft’s OneDrive cloud storage. OneDrive works really well. It syncs well to my various devices. It is easy to use and customizable. I did not like that, when I had a question for MS, tech support was virtually unreachable.

  122. Michele Pozner

    Easy to learn and use

    I have been using it for over 30 years. Best office suite available


  123. kay

    great product

    great product. just need to keep paying every year 

  124. Thomas R. Corliss

    No problems downloading this program

    I have it on two of my computers and everything works fine.I would like they to add a version of MS Money which they stopped using years ago.

  125. Joe Royer

    Easy to buy and easy to load

    Easy to buy, easy to digitally download and easy to attach to your Microsoft Account.

    One person found this helpful

  126. JYYJ

    Easy to do: downgrade expiring 365 Family to 1-year 365 Personal

    Don’t understand why others having problem. Maybe I was lucky. It is fairly straigh forward to downgrademy current 365 Family to 365 Personal.After the purcahse, there is a Product key under cjkeymall Account -> Subscription. Log into MS account -> Manage Subscription, enter the new Product key and that is all. New 1-year subscription is in place.Note: if you have existing subscription and downgrading like me, wait for the last day as the current subscription will end and remaining days are not added to the new 1-year. If upgrading, remaining days should be added according to Microsoft (ULR Link in Q&A section). 

  127. Donald Bucsi

    It only cot me $8.99

    Just needed it for Word, so $8.99 the deal.

  128. Will Shields

    My review

    It’s good. Really good

  129. Sergio M.S.

    Need to activate it needed the card with the activation code.

    I can’t answer questions I haveing recived the card to activate it send me a card with th code to activate it, to me is easier that way. With the card or DVD, USB. THANKs

  130. Deborah Best

    No probs

    As ordered

  131. Natalie Kilpatrick

    Renewing Your Subscription? This Works.

    I was searching for a way to get a discounted price on Microsoft 365 and came across this. I decided to purchase it to see if it would replace my current, 1 day expired subscription with Microsoft and it activated perfectly. Glad this worked out. I’ll be renewing through cjkeymall for the discounted rate, as well.

  132. Stephanie Ross


    Received a MacBook for Christmas and needed the MS Office Suite. This subscription is perfect through cjkeymall as the price is much cheaper than going through Microsoft and Apple. I didnt have any install issues. I havent had to use tech support, however, so far so good. I purchased this product once my 30 day free trial was over.

  133. olddice

    Worth it

    Definitely a need for home computer

  134. Michelle T.

    Worked within 2 minutes FLAT

    I was super hesitant to purchase and download this item based upon other reviews. While I know everyone has different experiences, I thought I’d add a 2021 review to this board. I am currently writing a word document as we speak. This took me a total of 2.5 minutes to get started. If you are in need of Microsoft Office, get this! Don’t hesitate, it’s so easy to get it figured out.


  135. Sharmaine


    Used immediately…Works great

  136. Pamela Alexander

    Digital download of MicroSoft Office

    I ordered Microsoft Office, it was a digital download which was easy to install. I even signed for the annual renewal until further notice, so far so good!

  137. J. Brooks

    Very good product

    Good product, dependable.

  138. H. Bailey

    Great software – easy to use!

    I use Wird for reports I have to do. I breeze through them with this software.

  139. Kitehcat

    Took me a while to figure things out

    I’ve used Microsoft Office on my computer but not the cloud. Moving items to kindle fire Microsoft Office took some swearing and time to figure out and how to use the cloud. I’m set now. Though, if I want some of the features I have on Microsoft office on my PC, I have to rent an upgrade on the kindle fire Microsoft. Don’t understand. As I purchased the Microsoft office years ago for my PC, why can’t that purchase work across the board. Anyway, I’m content for now.

  140. Jay

    Great Value and help by customer service!

    I was using my iPhone SE (2016) and an older version of iPad with Microsoft Excel, Word, Outlook and PowerPoint for free. Then I bought a new iPad because my older iPad was malfunctioning at some point. While I was using the new iPad some features of Excel were not allowing me to change that.Then I was searching for a Microsoft 365 Personal on cjkeymall and I was nervous to purchase it. The more than $20.00 savings caught my eye from cjkeymall. I purchased it and waited for the shipment to come. About five days later, I called cjkeymall physically and they helped me out over the phone while I was installing the Microsoft 365 Personal to my system. It is working so great now. Thank you so much to the person who helped me on the morning of September 20th, 2020 (PDT), and cjkeymall.

  141. renee

    quick and easy

    I liked that I could order it online; and it was downloaded to my computer in minutes.


  142. Walter Parrill

    s dvertised

    System works well

  143. oldergamer65

    Don’t believe the negative reviews on the install

    I loved the ease of installation and the better price buying it from cjkeymall. Don’t believe the negative reviews you find on the installation process. I was up in running after the purchase in about 15 minutes max. You don’t have to be a PC expert to install this software. Couldn’t be happier with this purchase.


  144. L. Ervin

    Easy 123

    Priced best and easy install process…..

  145. N.A

    Best price

    Lowest price i found and its working with no issues

  146. Oscar Vasquez

    Buying from Microsoft is more expensive

    It was ease to activate and on top of that, I saved $10. Microsoft charges more and the process to get it is not as easy as we think.

  147. Michelle Myers


    Easy to install and download link sent to your email

  148. LMAG

    Easy download

    Easy download

  149. julie spielman

    Good value

    Took a while for it to register but works great now

  150. Howard Buggs

    You must know about computers

    I can’t think of anything I don’t like about this product.

  151. Megan Mahoney

    Thank God

    Thank God I found this on cjkeymall and was able to download onto my computer immediately after my subscription expired

  152. Gabriel’s Mom

    Best software to use with Windows 10.

    Microsft finally got it right. It’s not perfect, but much better than it used to be. I recommend it.

  153. Kathy

    Great product

    Very satisfied.

  154. Shirl

    Follow the instruction in the email and video

    Follow the instruction in the email and video and you will be able to install. I was quite confused at first because I thought the license would be emailed to me and it wasn’t. I then actually read the email from the purchase, and watched a video on the cjkeymall page and I was then able to upload within minutes. 

  155. jle133


    Its what I wanted, but I would have liked to buy it instead of rent it.

  156. Jon Michaels

    Online version is amazing

    I used my online version at work and was AMAZED at the almost artificial intelligence of the editor in Word. This isn’t the Office of Windows 7

  157. Ashley carley

    Not bad alittle tricky to install if you’ve never download this or used it before

    It works great but they give no instructions on how to download it you have to go to cjkeymall and then subscriptions and install that way but all and all it’s a wonderful program just will never get a downloadable subscription from cjkeymall again would rather have the disc in hand !! And not have to figure out downloading not to mention I should have read the ratings alot of them said that I just figured it’d be easy hope my review helps ! 

  158. Silverhead

    Good product, good deal

    Bought this for my son for his business and he is loving it!

  159. C.J, 6,8 Fan

    gift for other half

    bought it for my other half

  160. UTSquared

    Easy install, works same as desktop Office versions

    It’s all fairly intuitive on install, and it works just like the desktop versions. There are a couple of places in the download/install stage when things were moving so slowly that you wondered if it had stopped. There is a progress bar but it is so unobtrusive that it is easily overlooked, especially if the progress is very slow. But it ‘s a good value compared to the desktop versions, whose pricing are driving everyone that pays out of their own pocket to the cloud version.

  161. Cong

    So hard to cancel subscription

    So hard to cancel subscription


    Microsoft 365

    Just wish we could receive the CD like it used to be instead of download.

  163. surge s empey jr



  164. Arman Jorge


    Good product

  165. BreeE

    Great value

    I was a little worried about ordering based on some of the reviews, but everything downloaded perfectly. And a plus is it’s $10 cheaper than the Microsoft 365 website.

  166. Brandy

    Office only a little bit cheaper!

    Picked this up for both work and personal use. It’s the full 365 suite and even came with some great offers and perks as well! Installation and activation was a breeze if you have an cjkeymall and Microsoft account, and if not, the instructions are very easy to understand. When I purchased this, I was going to go to the Microsoft site instead, but this had a $10 off code attached to it, so I just couldn’t resist! 

  167. Barbara Wilson

    office 365

    I liked the ease of purchasing a product key to renew my subscription to office 365


  168. Miz Eliz

    Great product

    The Microsoft ecosystem is as functional as the Apple ecosystem if you are willing to buy supported products. Thankfully, my iPhone works fine with the MS ecosystem so I’m good!

  169. Amazon Customer

    Servicio rápido y confiable

    Buen servicio. La renovación de la suscripción fue instantánea.

  170. Meeka44

    Easy instruction, free tech support but takes forever to get through

    Love it

  171. Inna

    Cheaper and good quality

    I compared prices for the same product and found the cheapest one on cjkeymall.

  172. UAMike

    Great buy!

    Easy to install. Very convenient delivery method.

  173. Jennifer Garcia

    Why didn’t wait?!

    Great price, easy to install and I would do it again in a heartbeat. Not sure why I waited so long.

  174. Mary-Jo

    Haven’t installed yet.

    Haven’t installed it yet. Don’t quite know what I’m doing.

  175. Daniel Baldwin

    Office at it’s finest

    Office space with me where ever I go.

  176. Serenity…

    Oerfect for me~~

    Haven’t had to call tech support yet but am glad it is available. My new PC didn’t have any software to type documents so I bought this one. Very similar to the program I had before and was easy to install.Most highly recommended.

  177. Roger J. Milstein

    Everything worked

    From purchase to installation everything went very smoothly.Very happy with the process and the new features of Office.


  178. Magdalena


    I loved the fact that it was available immediately after purchase. I couldn’t ask for more.

    One person found this helpful

  179. Philip E. Madrid

    Great price easy to add to subscription

    Great price easy to add to current subscription

  180. Samantha Kelley

    It’s office…

    Thanks college for the need for this.

  181. Garocob

    Works as advertised

    Works as advertised

  182. Bill Wagner

    Great running shorts

    Great running shorts…no rubbing.

  183. A. Sokol

    MS Office is still the leader & Thank you cjkeymall support

    The product is outstanding. I ran into issues trying to load it on my computer that had a different version already loaded. cjkeymall support walked me through resolving the issue. The person I had was fantastic, patient, and knowledgeable. MS Office is the best of the Office software brands.

  184. Jean Marie

    Was great

    Was great

  185. Pat

    Microsoft 365 Personal | 12-Month Subscription

    This is a bit cheaper than buying it direct from Microsoft. Great product which I’ve used for at least 10 years!

  186. Leanna Kilby



  187. Andre

    Ties automatically to Microsoft account

    Quick setup and linking to Microsoft account and easy cancellation. 

  188. Cassy D.

    I prefer Microsoft office products

    Because of work I’m familiar with MS Word and Excel and prefer having it on my personal computer as well. Easy to use.

  189. Marc B. Blake

    If you like puzzles…

    Microsoft’s online system for creating a new account is a lot to do. Once done though it’s clear sailing as far as downloading the software, installing and using it. WORKS JUST FINE ON MAC – so no worries and all the bells and whistles are there so do not be confused by “premium editions or not” – all is fine. 

  190. Patti

    Super Easy to Download

    Not sure why any reviewer calls this fraudulent. It works and was super easy to change my subscription from family to personal 365. Just requires you to log into your Microsoft account. I did it a few weeks early and the time remaining on my family 365 is added to this subscription so not an issue!

  191. Buyer1

    Good value

    I initially had problem with the key. Make sure you use the right activation link.

  192. fireahi



  193. Jessica W

    It’s important to have

    I was very confused at how to install on my computer so I think the directions should be more clear.. somehow. I never contacted tech support though. I eventually figured it out.

  194. MSG

    price appropriate

    auto-renew was 69.99 higher price! not happy and canceled auto-renew

  195. Tejas1961

    Great product and easy install.

    I really needed to upgrade my old office suite and purchased this one. I was surprised on how easy the download and install process went. So far, it works great on my new laptop.

  196. Syncroman

    if you got to have it

    worked fine.

  197. Chris Phelps

    Solid and Easy To Install


  198. Robert Wassermann

    Easy to get started

    Easy to purchase, download and install. Great value, especially the 1TB OneDrive cloud storage.

  199. Bryan

    Very much worth the cost

    I’m an apple guy but needed a MS office option, for the price you can’t beat this, easy to connect to O365 from Mac, iPhone and iPad, auto save and local downloads available, full O365 suite available including email and Skype. Also several APIs will connect you to your virtual OneDrive account to access all your files in the cloud when not connected to your network( I use FileGo pro) 

  200. Amazon Customer


    OFFICE 365

  201. Fadel Mohamed AHmed

    I loved this!

    The reason I bought this, is that my country (Mauritania) doesn’t exist on the store list of Microsoft office, I was afraid in the beginning because of the bad comments, but I had no choice.I have bought and worked straight away! BIG THANKS

  202. RobertC

    Performs as expected.

    I use the 365 E5 version at work. Tried other free versions, they just don’t perform quite like the real thing.

  203. YouTube Product Reviewers

    Excellent product at a good price

    Excellent product at a good price

  204. Patricia R



  205. Fabricio

    Microsoft es Microsoft

    Excelente herramienta en el desarrollo de mis hijos

  206. Joseph W.

    Good price for Microsoft Office.

    The single person version of Office 365 has a lot in it for a good price. OneNote, Word, Excel, Publisher, Powerpoint, Outlook, Skype, and 1TB of OneDrive. Anyone still use an app like Outlook? Why?

  207. Amazon Customer

    Totally worth it!

    I bought an HP laptop that had a free version of Microsoft 365, but it didn’t have the bells and whistles. So, I purchased Microsoft 365 and I’m loving it.

  208. Bill

    It’s the Standard!

    Have to have office to be productive and professional.

  209. Barney

    Quicker and clearerpics

    not a thing

  210. WestMo99

    Quick and Easy

    Download was quick and the program works great.

  211. Amazon Customer

    Worked for me!

    Download was fast and easy. I had everything up and running in 15 minutes. Don’t know why there are so many bad reviews….

  212. Laura S

    Same as before

    Same as before

  213. Adaku


    Great product!

  214. Amazon Customer

    good work online

    I have no complaints tk u

  215. Dorothy H.

    Great and easy to order!

    Great product! Loved the deal-better one then from “store”. Simple to order and only need the code to install! cjkeymall is simple and great!!

  216. Cyn López

    Best option to enjoy Office with full functionality

    Definitely buy this version is the best way to obtain all the advantages of Office and the cloud. I read many reviews saying that is dificult to install or thats onlone version but this is the complete version. You can use an online version on other people pc (if required) or intall it on laptop, tablet and mobile (my case). The best thing, it has a better price here than in the official web.

  217. Munchy L

    Automatic Installation in no time.

    Had no dislikes it was no problem to install. It was automatic.

  218. Rad Dad

    Home license

    Needed a license for the kids to use on our home machines. Was able to purchase quickly through cjkeymall. I’m not happy about all of the changes all of the time but these apps are required for homework or sharing files. Microsoft is the norm and there is no stopping that!

  219. Paul

    Great upgrade

    It works well for windows 10

  220. Jermal Q Houston

    Worth Every Cent

    This is my first new Office purchase since 2003. This is definitely worth every cent!!!

  221. Civilworks Design

    It appears this is a perpertual purchase without cancellation

    The installation took a bit longer than expected. Activation is not done from amazon rather from microsoft. That instruction needs to be clear to buyer. There is no tech support from amazon. Otherwise purchase and installation is easy.

  222. Dwight M.

    An upgraded computer required to run software.

    It was used for job interview, which I did not get, so I no longer needed the software.Thank you!

  223. stormyknight

    Great, Works well with the Kindle Fire 10. Very Happy

    I thought i was having issues, but it was my mistake. And that is funny because I am a Tier III Technician. So, with that said this is a great product. It works seamlessly with the Kindle Fire and the keyboard. I woukd suggest to anyone to purchase the Office 365. 

  224. Deborah T.

    Meets my needs

    Like my Microsoft program.

  225. Gerry B.

    Good price

    It’s Office

  226. mbarakapu

    Comes with bennefits

    Gives you some extra features on the office package.

    One person found this helpful

  227. David Hemperly

    Download link updated my key seamlessly

    I used this offer to renew my Office 365. Received a link over email to download and my computer immediately copied over the new key and updated seamlessly. Will look for this deal next Dec/Jan again 🙂

  228. MM


    The Program

  229. LeRoy W. Lee

    TOP-NOTCH Software

    What’s not to like about. It has ALL that I need, more than I’ll regularly use; but the programs are all included if I do need to use them. It even comes with 1 GB of free storage which is a great bonus. Your info is stored in the “cloud” so it never gets lost. Well worth the price for a whole year. Get this wonderful program, and you will not settle for less again… Enjoy, LeRoy L.

  230. Barbara

    Literally so simple

    I renewed. Once I bought said down load and everything was done I had to do NOTHING!!

  231. Lisa

    Easy to use

    Price is a bit spendy

  232. Joel F. Drinkard, Jr.

    Exactly what I needed

    I have used Office for years. Office 16 most recently. It was time for an upgrade,

  233. Mark Prince

    Satisfied customer

    Service provider and product value high

  234. John C

    EZ to install

    EZ to install w/instant download w/o any problems.

  235. Amazon Customer

    Excellent and easy installation

    It is everything I needed and more. It will be used as often as possible.

  236. Ricardo

    It is easy to use

    Easy to use.

  237. Gregory D.

    I got a good deal on price great product for IPad and PC

    I got a good deal on price great product for IPad and PC

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