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Microsoft Office 2021 Pro Plus 1PC

✔️ One-time purchase for 1 PC.
✔️ 100% Money Back guarantee.
✔️ Direct Download from MS Website.
✔️ Automatic activation via online.
✔️ No monthly or annual subscription required.
✔️ Technical support included 30 days at no additional cost.
✔️ All languages included.

🔴 Requirements :

• Compatible with Windows 10 or Windows 11 (32/64) bits
• Minimum Hard Drive Space: 3 GB
• Minimum Memory: 1 GB (32 Bit) / 2 GB (64 Bit)
• Minimum Processor Speed: 1.0 GHz

🔴 FAQ’s :

Q: What Operating Systems does this work on?
A: This product works on PC.
Q: Does this product include product updates?
A: This product includes free product updates for life from MS.
Q: Does this include Tech Support?
A: This product includes MS Technical Support via email or telephone.
Q: Is this a lifetime license or a yearly subscription?
A: This is a lifetime license for the full version of MS Office 2021 Pro plus – once activated you have the software forever and will not have to pay again in the future.

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259 reviews for Microsoft Office 2021 Professional Plus

  1. Username


  2. Steve

    No annual fees

    Read the reviews of other about differculty of using download. Downloading was easy and no problem with converting office 2016 documents

  3. Ms Constance M. Ferro

    Very happy and needed for new lap top

    I could not believe that Office loaded itself; all I had to do was open all of little boxes.

  4. Nick

    offline office

    For those that are concerned, yes you are required to use a Microsoft account to download and activate this software. However, after you activate the installation, you can simply “sign out”.Other than the annoyance of requiring an account to download the “offline installer” that still requires an account, I have no complaints. 

  5. Salsify

    Seems to work ok, day 1

    It’s a little wired because you have to log into to use it, but seems to working ok.

  6. jojo

    Great upgrade

    I needed to upgrade, and this was an excellent product.

  7. Mike

    Fast and easy

    The installation was already on the computer. I just needed an activation so a copy/paste of the license during the activation and I’m all done.

  8. Amazon Customer

    Easy install for discounted price!

    This was super fast and easy to install. Not sure why others are having such a hard time downloading and installing. I just purchased a new laptop and really didn’t want to use the subscription version of Office. It helps if you already have a Microsoft account set up because you will need one to access your purchase. I definitely recommend using the same email address as your cjkeymall account. You may also need to check your computer specs to make sure it can support this version but other than that it was really easy. I didn’t even need to enter my product key because it was already linked to my account. PERFECT! 

  9. Jerrie

    Great product

    Quick and easy to buy and download

  10. Linda Madison, MSW

    Do not buy!

    After paying $129 for this, it would never work on my computer even after taking it to Staples! They couldn’t get it to work either! I spent $100 to Staples too!

  11. Oscar

    It was on sale as soon as it was released

    I love to buy software from cjkeymall. They have the most up to date software an a better price than others. The downloads are a breeze

  12. Howard P

    Good price and easy to install

    Downloaded product gave me almost immediate use.

  13. good or not

    A must have if you can’t completely live in the Apple world – and you can’t

    I have all Apple products, but their “office” software really stinks and isn’t ever updated significantly. Word and Excel are all I need, and this version of Office is reasonably priced compared to the annual “subscription” version, and I’m not paying for the fluff I don’t need. It’s new enough that I should get several usable years of use before buying the next version. Installs easily on MacBook Air.

  14. tim wilsterman

    works great

    one time buy is great. This work great for home use.

  15. Donny Davis

    Easy Installation (20 min)

    The bad reviews worried me, but I went ahead and bought it, and IT WORKED on my Mac Pro!

  16. Honesty is Best

    A Little Annoying to Get to Work, but it works lol

    Installing is easy, I followed the link to the product keys provided by another commenter (Kudos to that guy!)Figured out how to change my product key, and now its gtg, updated to 2021, woot!!

  17. Joan Neher

    A man from cjkeymall helped me install it and also contacted a lady from Microsoft to help us.

    I just use it for my home office. My version of word was very old and wouldn’t work anymore. Great bargain!

  18. Dave

    Quick and Easy

    The process of downloading and installing onto my Mac Pro was quick and easy.

  19. BNichols

    Ordered the software on line and had it installed on the computer minutes later

    Very easy installation. The longest part of the task was finding where on the to find download it.. From submitting the order it to having installed about 10 minutes

  20. Chloedough

    Perfect for new computer

    Easy to install

  21. KakLy

    Easy to install

    Easy to install.

  22. Charles G. Silas

    New Macbook Pro M2

    Works and cheaper then most places and have the support of cjkeymall

  23. Manuel

    Excellent Product

    Great price and helpful for my daughter for her studies

  24. JD

    Easy to download!

    Very easy to download and install. All you have to make sure is that you have a microsoft account and make sure you are log-in.

  25. Jorge Jesús Rodríguez Sotomayor

    Excelente inversión

    Lo recomiendo, para poder accesar a todos los programas de edición de documentos

  26. Pilot

    Easy installation on Windows 11 laptop

    Before downloading, I took the precaution of uninstalling the trial version of Office 365 which came with our new Dell laptop. The download and install took about 5 minutes, and we started using the software immediately. Can’t say it’s a big improvement over our old Office 2007, but I guess fifteen years later we were due for an update.

  27. T in PGH

    Follow email installation guide, not what is on amazon

    Got it on cyber Monday, so nice discount

  28. Elvis

    Easy to get and onstal

    Got the code instantly. Installed and it works great. It is a shame it makes you have a Microsoft account though. Missed the old days when you just instal it on the computer.

  29. R V

    Best for Personal Use

    If you don’t want to opt for subscription model and loking for a one-time purchase, then this product is the best option.

  30. Arob

    Great buy!!

    Easy to install and a great price!

  31. Ray Michal

    Great Spread Sheet Software

    I been using it for about 20 some years and has never failed me

  32. Bob Leininger

    Exactly what I needed

    Easy to install, all programs work as they should

  33. Gary Benedict

    Concerns about One-time Purchase

    This review is more of a concern about a One-Time Purchase for microsoft products than cjkeymall. The whole process of ordering from cjkeymall and downloading the software was simple with no issues. The real concern is related to microsoft and these 1x purchases. I purchased this MS office 2021 product because MS provided me with inaccurate technical support related to another Office Home and Business 2016 software I previously owned. The very condensed and frustrated version of my saga is when I wanted to transfer my original Office H&B 2016 from a desktop to a new laptop. Prior to the re-installation, MS Tech Support informed me that this one-time purchase could be reinstalled onto the new Laptop once I uninstalled it from the older Desktop. Once the re-installation took place with the help of MS tech Support; I was getting a Product Key activation request every time I would open word, excel or PP. I had to enter the product key every time. MS Tech could not figure out why. Eventually they told me that I used up my 10 activation attempts with this Office H&B 2016 software. Apparently, MS and their techs do not tell clients that you cannot activate the software more than 10 times. After the 10th attempt the one-time purchase is void and useless. Thus, I had to break down and purchase this new version of office to work with all my Word, Excel and PP documents on my computer. My beef is with MS and not cjkeymall. Because MS Tech could not figure out why (and never told me about the 10 attempts) I had to constantly re-enter the product Key and voided out the software. So be care if you decide to transfer a one-time MS software purchase from one computer to another. 

  34. David Bones

    Better than a subscription

    I don’t why anyone would subscribe to Office 365. Having a standalone version allows me to work offline and to avoid accumulating subscription fees year after year.

  35. Penny Jennell

    It works like a charm.

    I like everything about this product. I’ve used Word in the past and this is easy to navigate. I use it for meetings and personal data.

  36. Morripa

    Easy peezee.

    Work fine install was easy

  37. Rick S.

    Piece of cake to install, not sure what the problem is with others

    Macbook Pro mid 2015 – updated an older version. Easy install without having to do anything special, delete old programs, etc. Lots of comments on trouble installing, but for me just click and it’s done.

  38. Jana Hix

    preferred over yearly charge

    I needed for resume and job application cover pages. Do not use a great deal but so far working great, glad I got I purchased it.

  39. Alyssa Swinehart



  40. MBO

    Office Perfect!

    Product delivered quickly, installed easily and worked perfectly! Very nice!

  41. Dolores


    Installation was a breeze! It was user friendly…just read the prompts and click! So blessed…Thank you!

  42. dsodesign

    It works with some changes to settings

    Don’t care about default settings to One drive. Changed setting and removed link so I can work and save locally and works fine.

  43. Andres


    Todo muy bien, gracias

  44. David W. Carter

    Good word program

    An easy way to get an upgrade programs for your computer

  45. Sheila Stovall

    Tired of spending money every year? Buy it once!

    One time lifetime price.

  46. Michael Moersen

    Works as advertised

    Easy download and install

  47. Amazon Customer

    Easy to install on MacBook

    I already had a Microsoft account so the download was smooth and fast. It works well on the MacBook Pro and performs exactly as expected.

  48. Khoi Nguyen-Davis

    The best basic version you’ll get !

    I didn’t want to pay for monthly subscription for MS product although I knew I’d probably get the constant new updates if I were to do so. But I wasn’t a business owner or some high-level instructor that would need all the fancy dandy MS programs. I literally needed MS word, excel, and perhaps PowerPoint.With this product, I purchased it for my iMac. You need to register for this product on the internet web browser first on MS website. Then, the program will automatically launch and download the the apps for your iMac.I made the mistake of downloading the apps first and then it turns out the apps on the apple apps store weren’t even compatible with the 2021 program. Don’t waste your time like I did. Just go on that website and follow direction. After that, you will launch the download program, and everything will automatically load for you on your Mac computer.This program comes with MS word, excel, power point, one note, and one drive. These are your very basic programs when it’s only you using for simple stuff or your child needs to use to finish up his or her school work. No, you don’t need to prove that you’re a student or anything in order to purchase this program.I simply enjoy it because it’s one-time purchase, and I’m done. I am not into monthly or yearly subscription when I am not running an office at my house! 

  49. B.

    Minimal, useful app.

    A one time, bundled purchase of MS Word, Excel, and Powerpoint provided exactly what I needed for at-home projects.

  50. Steven Mathisen

    Easy to install if instructions followed

    Was wary at first because there was no option to swap to Mac install on the tabs, but it works as advertised.You need to go to your software library in amazon, go to link to make or sign in to a microsoft account, and install from there. Super simple.Make a password instead of a one time sign-in code to stay logged into the app. 

  51. Pete D

    Best price I could find – easy download

    Competitive price –

  52. K. Fung

    One time purchase

    One time purchase. No monthly or yearly renewal. Easy to install. I only needed word and excel so this was great. Will only install in one pc so you will need additional keys for other pcs.

  53. Zina Thornburg

    No problem

    I had no problem downloading

  54. H. Leger

    Smooth installation

    I wanted a onetime purchase of Microsoft office for a computer instead of a yearly subscription. When I went to install it, I put in the code I received and it worked.

  55. Some Guy

    No subsription

    I am glad I can still buy the actual Microsoft products without a monthly subscription. The reviews had me worried, but I was using Word within 30 minutes of purchasing. I already had a Microsoft account and it downloaded fine. No different than when I buy tax software. Hopefully more people will buy Office this way, so they continue to offer it. With how long I keep my devices, it is well worth buying.


  56. H. Rasheed

    Quick download.

    Quick download. Only one device (didn’t like that). Make sure its the computer you permanently want to install it on.

  57. Erik Abers

    Recommended! Nice product for a reasonable price.

    Recommended! Nice product for a reasonable price.

  58. Amazon Customer

    No annual fee

    This basic software is a way around paying annual MS 365 fees.

  59. cheryl ayres

    Thank you for providing me with a smoothe process.

    I love this product as I am so used to using it in my previous employer’s business. I love having it at home now.

  60. Cesar S.

    Office excelente

    Éste producto es excelente. Necesario para realizar cualquier actividad formal. Muchas gracias

  61. David

    It’s reliability.

    I found the 2021 Words file is not 100% backward compatible with my 2017 Words file. I have to do a copy of the 2017 file first. Then paste it to the 2021 Words file to safe it.

  62. D.B

    Works as expected

    Saved a little money buying here with the digital download which was easy to install

  63. Nic

    It’s good to go!

    I followed the advice of fellow reviewer RMM from Michigan and downloaded the Microsoft license removal tool (googled it). I used this uninstall tool to remove the previous Microsoft 365 from my iMac. Easy. I then redeemed the code (hardest part was finding it lol) on my Microsoft account, clicked the Word app on my task bar, signed in, and voila! I’m back in and able to open all of my docs without any issues! 😀

  64. M. Kirby-Yoder

    Long time user

    I actually teach MS Word for two universities, so I know it’s not perfect. I’ve struggled for a decade to find an alternate less expensive program for a students to use but I keep coming back to MS Word. I personally have been using it on my Mac for over twenty years. I recommend it as a the most versatile workhorse writing program since word perfect. (Yeah, I go way back) I you have to use and your frustrated, by the work book and do the exercises. Once you learn to navigate the ribbons and figure out where the things are, it makes all the difference. It’s not intuitive to use. You have learn it and take time to learn what it can do and how. But once you have it, you’ll find it’s your work friend. Again, you have to learn how to use it. It is NOT intuitive. Watch YouTube videos and practice. 

  65. Amazon Customer

    Write it up.

    Excellent product for the buck got the key right way installed to my new PC works great.

  66. Mich

    Great value

    Helpful for many student and personal needs.

  67. SamG

    Easy to download

    I recently bought mac PC and MS Office for home edition was easy to download.

  68. Happy Camper

    The real thing…..

    I had taken a download shortcut with a wanna be product……Ended up removing and Got the real thing….costly but does the job…

  69. AmazonBuyer1994

    Works great, follow the directions.

    I am on a Mac. The purchase and download process of this product was painless, quick and easy. They send you a link to download the products, then you just install them. I can’t help but think those leaving bad reviews can’t follow directions for some reason. Very satisfied with this product, very easy process.

  70. S. Chappelle

    Perfect gift for non-computer people

    I recently purchased a new refurbished desktop after my previous one crashed. However, it did not come with Microsoft Word which I need for work. I did not want to do a monthly subscription so I went for the one time purchase to own; it pays for itself in less than 2 years vs. monthly subscriptions of $6. A link is sent to my email, click it, and it downloads Word, Excel and Power Point onto my computer. The computer gods smiled on me today!

  71. LM

    Very Easy To Install

    I’m not sure why so many reviewers had difficulty installing this software. I purchased it through cjkeymall, I received an email once it was ready to install and installed directly from my cjkeymall account. It took less than 10 minutes. 

  72. Haze

    Great Buy in Place of Annual Subscription

    I don’t use Word and Xcel that much at home so I didn’t see the need to deal with an annualSubscription. So far so good. It takes about five minutes for it to show up for you to down load and provide you with the key.

  73. Bruce L

    It was time to update

    Needed to update Word & Excel – easy to do and price was good

  74. david s



  75. Dinah

    So glad to have Word back on my computer.

    I purchased the one-time price version of Word so I wouldn’t have to keep paying each year. I missed having it. I had a similar program on my computer and tried very hard for a couple years to make it work. It just wasn’t as good as Word. I am more comfortable using Word, familiar with it. I wish it didn’t cost as much as it did, but I am still very glad to have it.

  76. Alesia

    Immediate success

    I was deactivated by my employer virtually. Purchased, downloaded, installed, rebooted the PC and it worked like a charm. Fantastic. Don’t waste your time on the $39 versions out there. The reviews repeatedly point you to scams. Pick cjkeymall or MS directly where you have free 2mo of troubleshooting. I liked the $25 discount cjkeymall offered. Happy camper

  77. Pam Z.

    Easy to install and get started immediately

    Easy to use and quick to initiate. Kind of pricey, but you pay for the convenience.

  78. CPI

    Confusing download process but it worked

    The download instructions were pretty unclear. You eventually get sent an email with a download link where you can go and install the software. Once you get the email, you’ll be good to go. Until then, nowhere does it say that you will be waiting for one. 

  79. gaethea fleck

    Super easy install

    The 2021 version of Office was very easy to download and install. Replacing Office 2007 on my new laptop.

  80. dennis

    Good and reasonably priced.

    Quite easy to download

  81. Angie DiMeglio

    Great software

    Happy it was on sale!!

  82. North Country Pastor

    A trusted product

    I got a “new to me” computer and needed a Microsoft Office upgrade. I didn’t want to do Office 365 with an annual subscription. I chose Home and Student 2021. Set up was a breeze. It has the programs I need. This program will be good for many years to come.

  83. Dennis

    A good price for a copy of Microsoft Office Home & Student 2021 software with product key.

    Just want I needed for my Dell laptop when running office software.

  84. Beefy22

    Works Great Easy Download

    Took 5 minutes. I installed this on a brand new laptop. It’s a little confusing at first because you have to create/sign in to a 365 account to then download it to the computer. I restarted the computer after the download and the Applications are saved onto the computer. Looks like other people were having issues with having previous versions of Office.

  85. Rain

    simple to install and you CAN re-download/reinstall it!

    I finally buckled down and bought this for three reasons:1.) I don’t want to deal with never-ending subscriptions, of course. I want to OWN something if i pay for it.2.) The spell/grammar check in microsoft word is, imo, the best out there. I’ve tried SO many alternative word processors, all the free ones you can think of. None of the spell-check features lived up to what microsoft word’s is capable of (again, imo). I highly value Word for its spell-check, because i’m usually writing stories, scripts/dialogue for small games and projects in the software. and3.) Before now, I would occasionally use the free microsoft word that you can access through web, but i wanted something I could use even if I didn’t have internet access or something.I saw another review that was worried about being unable to redownload, so before i bought this for myself, i checked online resources from microsoft’s page to verify that it’s possible to redownload/reinstall. I don’t know if I can post links, but you can access purchase again by looking into your account settings/services after signing into your microsoft account online. This will allow you to reinstall at any time.You can do this because the purchase is tied to YOUR personal microsoft account, not to a single device (I haven’t done this for myself yet, but this should mean that I should be able to also install this on my both my laptop and main PC- just so long as i’m accessing it with the microsoft account it’s tied to. I’ll edit this review if that doesn’t work out for any reason because i don’t want to mislead anyone). You can search this for yourself if you don’t understand and want to see specific steps on how to reinstall.No issues from me! 

  86. Diana


    This was an easy, no hassle process for us older folks. I was a bit wary, but it went well and works perfectly.

  87. Amazon Customer

    Basic software bundle.

    I have Word and Excel for personal use. I’ve used it for years. New PC requires newer version. This was the least expensive option and it’s just what I needed.

  88. connie

    Microsoft office

    I uninstalled my old version and install this one fast n easy. Works great n would recommend

  89. OceanRed

    Legit product

    Product as advertised. No issues with the installation process on an Apple desktop. You will need to have a Microsoft account to install, as the link through cjkeymall goes through Microsoft.

  90. Alyssa Swinehart



  91. L. L.

    Perfect for college students

    This is great for those of us that are in school and need to write essays and doesn’t break the bank.

  92. Ion User

    One Time Purchase MSN Office Home & Student Good Value For Basic Needs.

    Previous offers of annual subscriptions was too expensive. One time purchase much better. Better bang for the buck.

  93. kblackw

    New useful functions

    works fine for me. Still learning the new features. Already finished several financial analyses, and some engineering jobs. Like the one time cost.

  94. DigitalChick

    Works As Expected

    Purchased a digital download of this product during a “Black Friday” sale. Easy to download and install and works exactly as expected. Keep in mind, this product will be associated with the ONE computer you initially install it on and that’s it so make sure you select the correct computer the first time! If you move to a different computer, you’ll need to purchase and install this software again. 

  95. SharonSsssler

    Home & Student addition

    Very easy to install!

  96. Dale Simmons

    Acquiring Previous Software

    It had me up-and-running in very short order. I had a previous version on a computer that had gone “toes up,” so I wanted to get what I absolutely needed — these particular applications — for my new computer.

  97. Woodville Township Volunteer Fire Department

    Works Great

    New computer in office, old one over 10 years old, Office needed for new computer and works like it should. Taking a little time to get used to the new version.

  98. TFD

    Easy to install.

    A little change to my previous 2010 MS Office interface so it was easy to operate once I got used to it.

  99. Steve Perkins

    inexpensive way to get excel, word, and power point if that is all you need


  100. Tang, Xuexin

    Very good

    Very good

  101. Susan F.

    Works fine

    This was an update needed for my new operating system and it all works like the old version

  102. Snowboarder Bob

    Very quickly installed

    Follow directions, installs quickly, like 5 minutes. Mainly use Excel and Word for personal documents, it has worked out great. I like the one time purchase as opposed to the others that you have to subscribe yearly.

  103. Gray Ghost

    Good easy to use product

    Fairly easy to download and use.

  104. JB

    One payment for life of your PC

    No annual charges

  105. Betty J. Root

    Able to download old data to new program with ease

    I purchased a new computer and needed the updated software

  106. Cbarr

    Easy peasy

    So much cheaper to buy here than other places. Same product everywhere but I saved money! Digital download that was easy to install even for this techno challenged human. Works perfectly for my needs.

  107. Kelli F

    Works just fine

    I feel like the few negative reviews saying it doesn’t work just didn’t know how to follow directions. It’s hard to find the games and software library on the main page, but if you follow the link in the email you get it takes you right to the product key. It didn’t take the first time I put it in but just did “try again” and then it accepted it when I logged in again. Just follow directions. It was nice to save $25 vs buying directly from Microsoft. 

  108. Diane

    Worked perfectly!

    Installation was quick and simple and the product performs as it should. Plus I saved $25 and I don’t have to renew every year.

  109. Xixi


    Right choice for single user

  110. kerantha poole


    I brought three of these…for 3 devices. I followed the instructions, which were very easy, and all the programs work on all the devices without any issues so far. So far so good.

  111. Richard M.

    good value for the price on amazon, and it works fine

    I use it for writing and wordprocessing, and it works well.

  112. Watosh

    It works as advertised

    I like the Microsoft Office Software.

  113. Lee Luebke

    All went very well

    Everything went very well. Downloaded and installed with no problems.

  114. Joe Brower Jr

    worked like a champ

    The download worked to perfection

  115. Corbin

    You’ll pass the test!

    Totally passing your test with this epic combo of apps. You can have additions but none surpass the OG Microsoft.

  116. Robert Fredrick

    Great value

    I purchased a new laptop computer, and needed Microsoft Office. The download was quick and the installation easy and flawless.

  117. BrHowell

    Very easy to install

    It didn’t take even two minutes!!

  118. R. B.

    Works as expected

    Bought on cjkeymall and was immediately emailed the product key and link to Microsoft to activate. Had it installed on 24inch M1 iMac with in 5 minutes and works flawlessly.

  119. Christopher M.

    works for me


  120. Simps

    Easy update

    Uninstall any old versions first be installing the new one. If needed, follow the instructions via Microsoft’s website. Easy install.

  121. Yanira A.

    Great price

    Purchased my Microsoft office home and student for my Mac on cjkeymall as it was a lot cheaper than purchasing directly from Microsoft. It was very easy to install and ready to use.

  122. M.


    This is one of the best prices for this software package, the installation is easy with instructions, and this works as expected for Mac OS

  123. Veetuch

    Great program

    Easy to purchase and install within 15 minutes.

  124. Jeannette Esquilin

    Value money


  125. Mika

    Very Easy to Install did it in minutes

    Very happy with my purchase with this trio of word excel and power point. Bought it on sale it was quick to install and WALA there it goes no issues for all 3 programs for past year i’ve had it 🙂

  126. Janet Tinga

    So very easy

    Easy to purchase and easy to install

  127. North Coast California User

    Last chance to PURCHASE and OWN the MS Word software!

    I really did not want to be forced to get the software on a yearly subscription. A good value.

  128. Dian S

    Very pleased so far.

    I was a little reluctant to purchase this edition after reading reviews that indicated how difficult it was to install. However, I just bought a new computer and even though I still had Office 2003 installed on my old and had the discs, I thought I’d better upgrade. Also, I only needed Word and Exel.Downloading and installing could not have been easier. Note: I saw in the reviews that if you have another edition of Office installed, you have to uninstall first. This new computer came with a trial version of the full Office 365 suite, BUT since I never activated it, it was not a problem.It is a bit of a learning curve for me (so different from my old one), but so far, so good. I mistakenly saved to the default One Drive. You do have to ‘save as’ and save it wherever you want . But again, easily done.If you don’t need the full suite and don’t want to subscribe yearly, I recommend you buy this one.

  129. Jeff D.

    Most up to date software

    No subscription fee. You buy it, you own it.

  130. BrendanH

    Download Success

    Product key was available in cjkeymall account’s “Digital games and software.” Successful macOS download. 

  131. Lorrie Watt

    Good product Confusing Directions

    The product is what everyone knows. The directions were a bit confusing for downloading but it went fairly smooth after it all started.

  132. TKK


    Phew. Works! My old office expired and I didn’t want to have a subscription version so we uninstalled the old and bought this. Was a bit apprehensive- but works well and is an official licensed product.

  133. Dale DeVene

    Happy Camper

    The download was extremely fast and the process of buying it went smoothly! Thank you!

  134. Amazon Customer

    It works great,just what we needed.

    It was a pain to find a way to install it, still not sure if we got 365 or the home and student.

  135. SL

    nice upgrade

    Bought it for life-time usage of office package. Although still trying to learn its full scale, comparing to the old version on my other computer, it’s really much better and more functions.

  136. Brian

    Beats Office 365 Annual Subscription Fees

    Easy to UNINSTALL 365 and Install this- Office 2021My free 1 year subscription was about to expire. It was gonna cost me $69.99 to renew for another year. This version is a one-time cost of $129.99.I’m only using Word and Excel anyway and occasionally PowerPoint so this gets the job done.It took me less than 30 minutes Uninstall 365, buy this from cjkeymall and then Install this version.NOTE: when you purchase this you will get a link in your email (also in cjkeymall) to install from the Microsoft web-site. When you go there to install, you will need to scroll down to the bottom of the page to select the product you just purchased (Office 2021). At the top they feature Microsoft365, but you don’t want that… Good luck!! 

  137. Larry

    MS OFFICE 2021


  138. Will H.

    I purchased this software but I cant use it. Microsoft solved the issue for me.

    I purchased Office Home/Student 2021 and downloaded and installed it. Now it says I have to download and install Office 2019. When I try to download Office 2019 it says I dont have a valid subscription. So I bought Office 2021 Gome but I cant use it. Microsoft solved the issue for me.

  139. Amazon Customer

    Good product for a home computer.

    After purchasing the Microsoft Office Home & Student 2021 I had it downloaded and installed within the hour. It’s working will as expected.

  140. Roy B.

    It’s ms office

    Well I have used office for over 30 years. Cannot bring myself to lease the program. Owning it is the only way to go. It installed quick n easy.

  141. John

    The best

    Use it everyday

  142. VMAN

    Excellent product

    User friendly

  143. Leese1015

    Installed quickly and without an issue.

    At the end of last Spring the Windows on our personal computer crashed and we had to take it to our tech guy to fix. He was able to recover our personal files but not the programs, so I have been without any Office products since. I have worked in professional setting for years and have grown attached to the Office products and when this product went on sale for Black Friday I knew this was the time to take a chance on it. I had read the reviews of this software before purchasing and knew there was a big chance it wouldn’t work for me. I am happy to say that it downloaded from in just a few minutes and the rest of the install process went quickly and without a snag. Once it was installed I opened Word right away, and it worked perfectly. So while I felt bad for those who lost their money on this product I am happy to say it worked just fine for me. It has only been 3 days, but I don’t expect any problems with it not that it is downloaded and running. Good luck! 

  144. Charles J. Bridge

    Installed no issues

    I followed the directions and this installed just fine. My only tip is after the install to make sure you open excel, word or PowerPoint by itself instead of trying to open with the Microsoft office icon. Maybe this is where the one star reviews were running into issues.

  145. William D Martineau

    Essential software at a fair price

    Program is easy to download and install

  146. Theresa Davis

    it downloaded for me right away i was surprised

    i thought that i would have problems with it because of the negative reviews and was skeptical about buying it but i went on and hit the buy now button and i am glad i did they sent me a email and it installed right away so happy i bought this office home and student Microsoftware i checked it when it finished installing and i am working on it now

  147. TheGuy

    hopefully not the end of pay per version office

    i dont like dealing with subscriptions. hopefully office continues to offer these standalone versions even though they say they wont. I had no issue buying and installing the mac version on my gf’s macbook air. She was on the newest OS version (which I believe was just or is about to be updated). I’ve never used a mac before and i had no issue with the licensing and install so im not sure what issues people are having (this was purchased at the end of summer 2022). i followed the directions, I believe you have to bind it to a Microsoft account which my gf already had anyway. 

  148. Colorado Avid Reader

    Easy to install and activate

    Basic Word, Excel and PowerPoint that does the job and is easy to install and activate. Works well and updates from previous versions.

  149. Fernando

    It’s great for a student

    I really like it

  150. Desiree

    Download instructions were not so clear but I appreciate the program

    I use Microsoft products on our Mac devices all the time so I appreciate being able to pay one fee to download it onto a single device. The only thing I would want people to be aware of is the download directions were not as clear as would have been helpful, but customer service was great and walked me through everything so I could get it set up on my computer. It can take up for 24 hours (per customer service) for the download and instructions to show up. Just an FYI. Otherwise, everything else has been great. 

  151. Shane

    Good product

    Would buy again. 

  152. Linda M. Vybihal

    Microsoft Office is a good purchase.

    Microsoft Office was quick and easy to set up and great as a one time purchase.

  153. Granny B

    Can only download 1 time!

    I purchased Microsoft Office program for download to my computer. I prefer to keep my programs and files on my own computer, not in the cloud. Unfortunately, my computer was hit by a power surge when lightening struck close to the house. It fried my computer and I had to get a new one. Unfortunately, my backups would not restore to the new computer so I’m unable to reload this program which I’ve only used for a few months. I’m unable to download a copy from cjkeymall because of the one time rule. If anyone has any suggestions as to how I can get another download, I would very much appreciate it. Thank you! 

  154. J. Bur

    Super easy to install

    Ok…I’m getting older so when I bought a new laptop and needed OFFICE installed, I went looking for the buy it in the box type, which is no longer available. My nephew came and he ordered this online and in no time had me up and running! Super simple! I probably could have done it myself, but it was nice to have help. Gotta get with the times and download everything these days, I guess. My copy was on sale, which was extra nice.

  155. Sindi W.

    Good Purchase

    Perfect for what we needed

  156. Gerald Schwartz


    Took a bit to download but it is done and works perfectly, thank you cjkeymall and Microsoft

  157. Rtrogrl

    Super Easy Download

    Again, super simple to download. Not sure why others are having problems? Like another reviewer said, just follow the instructions. Good luck!

  158. Joe Schmoe

    Love software downloads


  159. Renee

    Easy to install, works great.

    Easy to install, works great.

  160. Geoffrey Zelnik

    It’s a good value for the money

    Not the easiest download or easiest software to figure out but within 48 hours I had it running smoothly and had Microsoft Office all figured out.

  161. Randall L Johnson

    No annual subscription – pay once

    All I need is excel, word and powerpoint anyways, so this is a great choice!

  162. Lilpigs

    Great Product

    I have been a user of Microsoft products for many years, including all the different versions of Windows and Office products.The previous product of Office I had was 2007. Time to upgrade. I purchased 2021 and it is more advanced but a a great product to use. I use Word and Excel so much.Thank you. A happy customer!

  163. Bill

    Works Great

    No problem at all downloading the program. Happy with the purchase.

  164. J Sclafani

    Need to have

    MS Office has all you need to be productive – Word, Excel, Ppt and Outlook. All good. And it is a one time fee.

  165. DBR

    i wont rent

    i buy this product mostly for the word program. i could rent the 365 product but then i would have to rent it again… this is a one time buy and i cant recommend it enough. this seems the only way to go.

  166. Steven

    Fast and easy

    Fast and easy to install

  167. Solifer Valenzuela Martínez

    Excelente paquete de office para con Windows 11.

    La instalación del programa fue muy fácil y rápido. No tuve ningún problema. Lo estoy utilizando con Windows 11, para mi uso personal. Lo recomiendo encarecidamente…!!!

  168. JustMe

    Easy as 1 – 2 – 3

    I was a little intimidated ordering something like this on-line. (I’m a senior citizen and very easily intimidated by modern technology.) – – – But it was easy as pie to download, and I’m having a great time exploring all its available features.


  169. Ronald W Harp

    Downloaded Microsoft only. Could NOT get iMac as advertised. Terrible MS support

    Downloaded Microsoft only download . Could NOT get iMac as advertised. Terrible MS support No option to change before downloading. MS got you again.

  170. Joyce I. Halpin

    Very easy to install.

    I had no issue installing the program, just follow the directions.

  171. Yustducky

    Easy Install – Works Great!

    I originally purchased this product directly from Microsoft. I had one of their techs help me with the install, but was told the 2021 version only works with Windows 11. I just purchased this computer and it was Windows 10. They did give me a refund. The next day I decided to upgrade to Windows 11. When I saw this Office program cheaper on cjkeymall, I decided to give it a try. Wow, I’m really glad I did. Turns out I didn’t need help installing. The instructions were very clear (if I can follow them, anyone can). I love Microsoft Word and Excel programs and feel that my new computer is now complete with both of them installed.

  172. Jose A. Rivera

    La facilidad para instalar el producto.

    Es un producto excelente, fácil para usar y de gran calidad. Lo uso continuamente para hacer trabajos escritos y anotaciones.

  173. lawdawg

    Easy process

    Received download information instantly. Flawless transaction

  174. Amazon Customer

    Simple and easy option for those looking for a standalone Office license

    This is a great option for those looking for a standalone Microsoft Office license, and who aren’t interested in using the subscription-based Office 365. Installation was quick and easy directly from the cjkeymall purchase page.

  175. Buck

    unconventional delivery but worth the difference

    Downloading software always worries me. this worked like a charm. the installation was spot on if you us the link from amazon.

  176. Amazon Customer

    Everything I needed with easy install under Windows 11

    Recovery of older documents and spreadsheets. Great value for the money

  177. H. Benson

    Microsoft 365 cheaper than on Microsoft website

    Product works as advertised.

  178. kkrr

    Ease of finding install key moderately okay

    As described

  179. Besner

    Only pay once!


  180. cheri rees

    Hope it makes bookwork easier

    Was easy to install. Nicer version than our previous one

  181. Lee

    If you had a previous account with MS have passwords handy

    The downloads went very well you just have to be ready for phone or email verifications as usual. If you had a Microsoft account before, have those passwords ready. It seems a lot of programs want to save files in the cloud. I made sure files stay on my computer. Thats it.

  182. MAR

    Easy To Install – Just Follow Directions

    I was a little hesitant to purchase this item based on all of the negative reviews. I recently purchased a new iMac to replace my 15 year old iMac. I have a large number of Microsoft files saved so I really needed this software. From the time I placed the order until the time the software was on my machine it was less than 15 minutes. It could have even been quicker if it was the only thing I was doing at the time. Once the software was on my machine it worked like a charm. I was able to access the all of files I transferred from my old iMac without any problems.

  183. Stephanie Stull

    Fast & Easy to Install

    Had it installed within minutes of purchase!

  184. Brian H


    Easy to use it

  185. Issa Maalouf

    Good deal and very easy to install!

    Very easy to install! I didn’t even need to use the key. I just signed in to my microsoft account and it worked ! Besides the price of microsoft office is 150$ everywhere! I bought it for 130$ from [email protected]

  186. John T



  187. John W.

    Works great with Windows 11

    Upgraded to Windows 11 on a gaming desktop built in December 2019. I then decided to get this (MS Office Home & Student) to replace an older version of desktop Office, because I don’t want a subscription service (no 365 for me). Install and activation was easy using Microsoft Edge while signed into my Microsoft account. Works great! 

  188. Sly Wolf

    Seamless transaction!

    Sure beats paying an annual subscription and not owning any software, at least until Microsoft discontinues updates and service on this version. I recommend this version.

  189. HI-808

    Downloaded with no problems.

    I was hesitant in purchasing after reading reviews of some people having trouble downloading. I’m glad I did anyway. Really needed this software on my mac & it runs smoothly. Download was very easy. Simple process to install.

  190. DrKinRow

    Quick and easy download

    Works great after easy download and installation. Installed 1 product, on 1 device, and did not need tech support. Happy with the purchase.

  191. Harambold

    The Not Yearly Subscription Microsoft Product

    I got it on sale for 100 dollars. At this price, this beats getting the yearly subscription. I installed this on the Mac and had no issues installing it and using it. Also, it doesn’t say this on the product description but I have OneNote installed too. 

  192. Larry S.

    Works just fine for what I need

    I didn’t want a monthly or annual subscription for an office software. Especially when all I need is word and excel for one computer. This gives me exactly what I want for a one time cost.

  193. MatthewC

    Great One Time Purchase/Own

    I wanted to own Office instead of paying yearly for 365. I came across this Office 2021 Home on cjkeymall and found exactly what I needed. Since owing it, it has been legit software, helping me get the job done when I need Word. This will save me money in the long run, and I have been very happy with my purchase. When you do buy this, it adds the key to your Microsoft Account. That I have found to be so convenient. 

  194. Terry Zechman

    Easy Download

    Just purchased a new Windows 11 laptop. Needed to add MS Office and this was a great selection. Instantly available right from cjkeymall, it takes you straight to the product download and installs with the license. Couldn’t be any easier.

  195. David

    Easy Installation

    Easy Installation on my new computer. I uninstalled Windows 365 before the installation to ensure no issues between these programs

  196. Granny B

    Can only download 1 time!

    I purchased Microsoft Office program for download to my computer. I prefer to keep my programs and files on my own computer, not in the cloud. Unfortunately, my computer was hit by a power surge when lightening struck close to the house. It fried my computer and I had to get a new one. Unfortunately, my backups would not restore to the new computer so I’m unable to reload this program which I’ve only used for a few months. I’m unable to download a copy from cjkeymall because of the one time rule. If anyone has any suggestions as to how I can get another download, I would very much appreciate it. Thank you! 

  197. Tom M

    Quick and easy installation . . . with a little preparation.

    I was using an old version of Office on an old Dell laptop. Now have a new Dell laptop with Windows 11 and needed stand-alone versions of Excel and Word, don’t care about saving files to the cloud. Installation was quick and easy. I recommend preparing for purchase and installation by 1) setting up a Microsoft Account in advance, 2) using the same email address for cjkeymall and the Microsoft Account, and 3) uninstalling any previous versions of Office that are present on the receiving computer. After buying the product I received an email within 5 minutes of so with a link to the Microsoft website. I signed into my Microsoft Account, my purchase was verified automatically, then downloaded and installed the program. About 20 minutes from purchase to installation with no issues. 

  198. Mark Brewton

    Good buy!

    I needed Office for my new Mac and decided to buy from cjkeymall as it was discounted a bit. It was super easy to buy and install. Would buy again!

  199. mitchell schultz

    fast download and install

    Ordered and was ready to download in minutes.

  200. Kevin

    Good price when cjkeymall has it onsale

    You get what you pay form, MS Office for one computer, no yearly subscription fee.

  201. Valerie Holmes

    Love this

    I like that this has the upgrade of microsoft software.

  202. Colleen OBrien

    Worked great for me

    I had just purchased an MacBook on the cjkeymall renewal site and needed to get Microsoft Office but didn’t want to pay a monthly fee. I was hesitant based on some of the reviews. And based on that info I made sure there were no other versions of Microsoft on the computer and also made sure that the latest software was installed in the computer. Once I bought it, I was sent an email with the link and it directed me to to Microsoft website, I had to set up a profile (save your info!) and they send you an email to verify and a text also to verify that they have the correct info. You choose the drive to download the file to and within about 10-15 minutes it was installed. I had no problems just have to follow the instructions. 

  203. Sarah A

    Worked fine.

    purchased this product even though I was extremely nervous about it due to negative reviews. the directions for me didnt work that it came with, but when i opened up my excel app that asked if i wanted to continue on the web version or to enter a product key i entered it there. It worked instantly. 

  204. Veronica

    Follow correct Steps

    Easy to install just follow the directionsGo to and sign in with your Microsoft account or create a new account (save your credentials). Enter your product key and follow the instructions.

  205. Linda

    easy install

    Perfect, really just needed word and excel. Install was so easy. I’m very happy

  206. Karla Altamirano

    It was easy and almost immediate.

    It was easy and almost immediate. You have to go to your cjkeymall messages to get the code

  207. Cindy B

    Great way to buy

    This is a great way to purchase it if you do not need Outlook or Access. It is much more economical than buying a subscription that you have to pay for monthly.

  208. Paul Demery

    Solid software

    Very good

  209. James M.

    On time

    Was as advertised

  210. DawnAlba

    Seamless and easy download; great price for one-time Office download

    Within minutes, I received the download link, followed the instructions and started using Word.This is one time when waiting actually worked in my favor: since it’s now 2022, the 2021 one-time download was discounted.

  211. Starpatsky

    One time purchase

    This doesn’t have all the features of the subscription, but it has exactly what I need, WORD an EXCEL. You don’t have to buy every year.

  212. Bonifay FL

    Works Great!

    Does what it is suppose to do.

  213. Edward T.

    Easy download and setup. Just need to follow directions.

    Needed update to my Office 2007, since it was no longer working on my PC, so waited for Office 2021.Had trouble in the beginning, but checked my downloads folder and easily installed it and had no further problems. 

  214. Cristian

    No subscription! Yay

    Happy to buy something and I don’t have to keep paying for it. The basics are what I needed anyway 👍 

  215. Valarie Anntonette Campbell

    Microsoft Too Controlling

    Never will own it Microsoft will not allow ownership and its digital.

  216. Ellie

    It works!

    well designed software program



    Installed immediately on a mac with no problems. Follow the directions in the confirmation email.

  218. Crissy

    Worked as expected. Install was easy on Mac

    Purchase and installation were simple.

  219. Roger Olivares F

    Justo lo que necesitaba

    Ahora tengo software para realizar las tareas básicas que necesito, muy buen paquete

  220. Amazon Customer

    How to download item

    Purchased office and it says product key is used 🙁

  221. Daniel W.

    Works fine

    Slightly cheaper than the official Microsoft store. Installed quickly and without any issues. And I was also able to use my digital credit from cjkeymall Day deliveries which was nice.

  222. EBA LLC

    Very easy for install!

    I would recommended!

  223. NF72295

    Great Product – Easy to Install

    I purchased this item for my son and his girlfriend. She needed to update her resume and the computer they have did not have Microsoft Office. After purchasing they were able to easily install the product with the Key Code provided after purchase. They are very happy to now have access to a few Microsoft products (MS Word and MS Excel). Keep in mind this item is a one time download that does not expire or need to be renewed yearly.

  224. Robert Fielder


    good product and was easy to download

  225. Kingdom of God Princess

    No annual fee

    It is better than paying a fee every year.

  226. Curtis Mohommed


    value for money

  227. Christopher Castro

    Link to out on Microsoft website

    It’s a quick activation, then just download it, sign in, and it’s good to go.

  228. SusanH

    Easy to Install

    Works great and easy to install on a four-year-old HP All-In-One Desktop with Windows 10. Best price I could find online.

  229. ken heverly

    Easy Download and Install

    Easy purchase, easy download, easy install. No issues and seems to work great.

  230. Duke

    a truly wonderful and super great program for micro-soft again.

    Ain’t bad if you get rid office, unless you care for it. Easy to install if you can find it. Not overly express as seems to be like work, 2003,2007, 2013 etc. just a little design

  231. Rod

    I’d rather buy than rent

    The download waz flawless. Great product. I’ve used this set of programs for years, installing one on each new computer I buy.

  232. Gary Kenyon

    How to finish down loading and installing.

    I am filled with anticipation because you have a wonderful product and I’m anxious to use it, but I haven been able to find the “product key (number)” on any of the acknowledgments you have sent me after my payment! I am stalemated!You can’t imagine what I have goe through, an 85 year old man. With the hassle with passwords, back and forth, I spent three hours to get to where I need the “product key “ and now I’m stuck.Where do I go from here?

  233. Arob

    Great buy!!

    Easy to install and a great price!

  234. Connie Chandler

    exactly what I needed

    When I bought my new laptop, it did not come with Office as my previous desktop pc did. It had the trial installed. It was easy to upgrade to the full version (not the monthly plan) for a single device. Seamless download from cjkeymall with the code provided at checkout.

  235. Rhonda



  236. EGFlinn

    So far…

    Installed and successful. So far, no problem

  237. joneypickelsauce

    Fast Download

    Worked good without having any issues!

  238. Terry Griffin

    Ease of use

    Home comput work

  239. Vladimir

    Handles large Files Great

    I should have bought the Word a long time ago instead of messing up my files with free programs

  240. Gordon

    It works

    For use on my personal pc. It required a lot of time to get it to properly download which was a negative.

  241. Michael Chanak

    Great investment

    I’m retired, but was raised on Microsoft office. I wasn’t interested in a 365 subscription so this lives me access to the major programs.

  242. Alesia

    Immediate success

    I was deactivated by my employer virtually. Purchased, downloaded, installed, rebooted the PC and it worked like a charm. Fantastic. Don’t waste your time on the $39 versions out there. The reviews repeatedly point you to scams. Pick cjkeymall or MS directly where you have free 2mo of troubleshooting. I liked the $25 discount cjkeymall offered. Happy camper

  243. David Barnes

    Worked like a charm

    Install was painless and works as expected. For you tech savvy people I installed this on an Win 10pro i5 16gb HP laptop and there was no lag or latency when trying to open the application.

  244. Wayne H.

    Installed on a Windows 11 PC

    I purchased a Dell computer with Windows 11 installed. I purchased Office Home and Student 2021 download during the Black Friday sale. From the Dell, I went to the cjkeymalls Digital Games and Software and click on the download this takes you to the Microsoft site where I logged in and selected Office Home and Student 2021 and it downloaded. I mostly use Excel and Word and they both worked fine with my existing spreadsheets and docs. This replaced Office Home and Student I believe was 2016? Implementation was easy.

  245. Brett Kimberlin

    Easy to install

    Product was very easy to install and came immediately after purchase. Happy to have saved $25 at the time of purchase compared to other vendors. The software installed quickly and is working flawlessly. To the negative reviews stating they are having trouble downloading/can’t find the product key – If you go into “My Orders” and click “View Your Item” you will find the product key listed below. Take this code, log on to your Microsoft Account, go to “Services & Subscriptions” and redeem the code for installation. 

  246. Amazon Customer

    Easy install for discounted price!

    This was super fast and easy to install. Not sure why others are having such a hard time downloading and installing. I just purchased a new laptop and really didn’t want to use the subscription version of Office. It helps if you already have a Microsoft account set up because you will need one to access your purchase. I definitely recommend using the same email address as your cjkeymall account. You may also need to check your computer specs to make sure it can support this version but other than that it was really easy. I didn’t even need to enter my product key because it was already linked to my account. PERFECT! 

  247. Oliver

    No problems with installing

    Works fine and installed easily on Mac mini

  248. Amazon Customer

    Online downloading needs to be improved

    Download online instructions can be improved as is it is a little misleading unless you know exactly what to do

  249. James Bland

    Basic, just what I need!

    Easy install/download. Good value.

  250. Reasonable Person


    Ive been trying to find where to download it for over an hour now. I AM PISSED!!!! Will NEVER do this again.

  251. Joe N. Little

    Good Good product just a little bit of heart to install after install it it’s great

    Good product just a little bit of heart to install after install it it’s great

  252. Pedro A. Castro

    Easiest way to obtain license and download link.

    I had office registered to my email downloaded and installed in my new computer in about 10 minutes.Thank you, really easy and convenient way to install Microsoft Office

  253. Amazon Customer

    Office 2021

    Takes a more program Davy person than me to figure out the changes are.

  254. John Patrick Hickey

    Tech Support

    I had to utilize tech support for installation as the initial download/activation did not open/work successfully! Tech support was GREAT!

  255. Ian

    Works with no issues at all

    Despite what all the bad reviews say, I decided to give this download a try and had no issues what so ever. It took a whole 10 minutes to get the software downloaded and going on my computer. I’m running it with Windows 11 and everything seems to be working flawlessly so far. As long as you follow the directions, you shouldn’t run into any issues.

  256. candace a lewis



  257. Big Sky Freedom

    Good Basic Package

    I have the Pro Version on an older latop, but really never use anything other than Excel and Word. Home and Student is a great value because you don’t pay for the extras you will probably never use. Get this version before only 360 with the annual subscription is the only game in town.

  258. Kevin Pugh

    Exactly as expected, works great

    Keep in mind you need a Microsoft account to download and install.

  259. road biker

    Perfect for home office

    Easy to install

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