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Microsoft Windows 10 Pro 1PC

✔️ One-time purchase for 1 PC.
✔️ 100% Money Back guarantee.
✔️ Direct Download from MS Website.
✔️ Automatic activation via online.
✔️ No monthly or annual subscription required.
✔️ Technical support included 30 days at no additional cost.
✔️ All languages included.

🔴 Requirements :

• Compatible with Windows
• Minimum Hard Drive Space: 20 GB
• Minimum Memory: 1 GB (32 Bit) / 2 GB (64 Bit)
• Minimum Processor Speed: 1.0 GHz

🔴 FAQ’s :

Q: What Operating Systems does this work on?
A: This product works on PC.
Q: Does this product include product updates?
A: This product includes free product updates for life from MS.
Q: Does this include Tech Support?
A: This product includes MS Technical Support via email or telephone.
Q: Is this a lifetime license or a yearly subscription?
A: This is a lifetime license – once activated you have the software forever and will not have to pay again in the future.

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235 reviews for Windows 10 Professional Lifetime License Key

  1. Username


  2. stiflock

    This is amazing..

    This is amazing… got my Key within Minutes and worked flawlessly.Customer service was spot on and they responded almost immediately with answers to my questions even before I made a purchase.Highly recommended.

  3. WR

    As Described

    Based on the previous reviews, I was a little concerned I’d be getting a fake key, but it was quite legitimate. It’s OEM, meaning no bells and whistles — you break the seal on the cardboard envelope to get the disc, scratch off the gold leaf on the side of the package to reveal the key, and enter the key when prompted during installation. Easy to do, no special knowledge required, and no insidious garbage software bundled with it.

  4. Justin

    Worked perfect for me.

    This came in a cardboard sleeve, the sticker with your profuct number is attached to this sleeve. You will no be able to attach this to your machine, so do not loose the sleeve! I’m not sure why all the reviews on here are saying they recieved fake/boot leg discs. Mine installed fine and is fully activated.

  5. Steven

    Worth the extra cost over regular windows, especially for gaming or picture/video editing.

    Got this for my gaming PC build, it’s as close to bare-bones as you can get with major operating systems, works great for me.You can customize it to fit your specific needs, there are some great options.

  6. Eric Li

    The Product Key Works

    Bought it directly from cjkeymall (The CD version). Installed the software from the USB media thumb drive created by other computer with Windows 10. Received the CD with the product key covered by the silver material. Scratch out the silver part and type in the product key to and finished the activation. 

  7. John H

    My favoite windows version so far

    I love windows 10, it’s easy to install and it has excellent dual monitor support.The only thing I don’t like is forced updates but I can understand why it’s that way.

  8. Alexander Garey

    I purchased this Key after creating a partition on my …

    I purchased this Key after creating a partition on my MacBook Air for Windows 10 from the windows .iso file. I was honestly surprised by the price for the software considering buying a key from Microsoft costs about $70 or more. I received the key via email roughly 24 hours after purchased and changed my product key information and activated no problem.Thanks! 

  9. James Fox


    Worked as advertised, thank you for saving me some money!

  10. Kevin Faber

    the provider gave easy steps for installation

    Although it took several attempts to correct and complete the purchase, once received, the provider gave easy steps for installation. The product was well worth the investment. I would order again from this company.

  11. A. Armstrong

    Getting better as Updates come along!

    Installed in box build and works as it should. No licensing issues and all updates install perfectly.

  12. Steve L

    Works fine, once you find the product key!

    I bought this to install on a new Intel NUC system I was building, choosing Windows 10 Pro because I wanted to use Bitlocker disk encryption. The DVD worked fine for the install, but I was momentarily confused as to where to find the product key. Inside the packet is an “authenticity” sticker which has a small scratch-off square that hides most of the product key. The type on the sticker is so small that I did not recognize at first that’s where the key was and had to use a magnifying glass to read it. Note that you don’t actually need the DVD – you can download the Windows Media Creation Tool to create installation media on a USB stick if you want. 

  13. Leichter

    Microsoft Windows 10 Pro 64 Bit

    Much better than 8 (which was horrible IMO), about equal to 7. The spying issue is BS and overblown so don’t believe those reviews. Bought it for a custom PC.

  14. Kindle Customer

    For a NEW computer build there really is not a problem with this windows 10 disk.

    *** Please Note *** This is a windows OEM disk and it is used for NEW computer builds. If you are not building a new computer ( without going to a long lot of other details) you can either wipe your old hard drive or just install a new hard drive and install the disk.. The language pack in this version of windows 10 is in British English but that is easily changed by using windows 10 after the install..To save time ,just go to this You Tube video for directions on how to do this in windows 10.[…]

  15. G. Hong

    5 stars for Windows 10, BUT…

    5 stars for Windows 10, BUT, I don’t know where else to post this, don’t buy Windows 10 from cjkeymall. You’ll get the UK English version or worse, some sketchy looking copy.

  16. nathanso

    As expected, but hard to locate the activation code!

    Look for the activation code in tiny print on the small barcode label.

  17. JP

    Easy install.

    Installed with no issues. Was put on an SSD drive. After you add product key it completes in less than 40 mins.

  18. Amazon Customer

    Overall I’m really happy with Windows 10

    I only run Windows on 1 machine at home these days, mostly for the purposes of gaming and Photoshop.Overall I’m really happy with Windows 10.

  19. Amazon Customer

    If you’re doing a custom PC build and don’t have …

    If you’re doing a custom PC build and don’t have a DVD drive, Microsoft has a free tool for creating a bootable USB thumb drive for installation which you can use, then enter in the product key that comes with this DVD and it will work.

  20. Herb


    Received email responces fast, it was easy to download and install. The key immediatly activated and it’s been great.

  21. Customer

    Best ever Windows Install experience

    The best Windows release yet. Very quick install ( 13 minutes not including update downloads which tok about half an hour) and all the drivers just worked out of the box.

  22. M Godlaski

    Windows 10 is great, but SELLER GOODIEHUB is selling DVDs that ONLY …

    BE AWARE! Windows 10 is great, but SELLER GOODIEHUB is selling DVDs that ONLY SUPPORT ENGLISH UK installations. You can still use the product key, but you will need to create your own installation media with the Microsoft Windows Media Creation Tool, and be sure to create media that has your preferred language (ENGLISH US, in my case) as an option. I wish I’d known this before I purchased from this seller, as this is adding an extra layer of hassle to the process of building a new PC for my client. It is also wasting my valuable time.

  23. Ghengis

    Got what I paid for!

    I always get a little worried buying an OS on the web. Got what I paid for. No fuss registering.

  24. Joel Sulkes

    Legit OEM Software

    As described and OEM. VERY HAPPY WITH SOFTWARE. No issues.Fulcrum

  25. Mitch

    As far as I can tell I got lucky and …

    As far as I can tell I got lucky and got a totally legit copy of MS windows 10 pro. Others have reported fishy looking disks, pre-opened items, already used CD-keys, however, I may have gotten lucky!If for some reason my key comes up in use I will report back, but I am nearly 30 days in without issue – and all of my packaging looked legit compared to the YouTube videos I watched on how to check authenticity.

  26. Ghazy

    Fast and trustworthy

    Thank you so much I I received the key through the email and my copy is genuine now

  27. Thomas K. Reidy

    The best OS I have ever used

    The first computer I purchased in 1993 was running Windows 3.1. The other day I was watching some old episodes of the “Computer Chronicles” on YouTube and had forgotten what it used to be like to use a computer. So much improvement.I remember the OS’s that were terrible- 95, ME, and Vista (Vista was a mess until SP-1 was released), but between all of the crap releases there were the good ones- 98, XP, and 7. I do wish Microsoft would have kept MCE in the OS, but there are alternatives that work out well (Kodi, Plex, and Emby). And, as far as I am concerned- the only version you should buy is the Pro version.

  28. Jes_074

    Good OS which lots of potential to grow

    Windows 10 is good OS and it’s AOL for the 21st century. Just go back and look at the ads for AOL and you’ll agree. I do enjoy the touch screen interface as it actually works unlike with WIN 7. I am still getting used to everything being isolated for security reasons.

  29. Amazon Customer

    It is what it is

    Got it for $99.99 from uhh… “Head of Software.” Package arrived very well wrapped, tape was questionable smelling, didn’t use the CD inside but it appears to be legitimate. The key worked perfectly and is now bound to my Microsoft account.The OS itself is awful of course but… can’t play Metal Gear Solid V on Arch Linux.

  30. tech book enthusiasts

    Worked perfectly. Loaded it on a slightly older I7 …

    Worked perfectly. Loaded it on a slightly older I7 Dell laptop that had Windows 7 on it. Used the options to repartition the drive and it installed with no issues. I did buy the pro version to get the encryption but my laptop doesn’t have the hardware support for it so check your hardware before buying if you are getting the pro edition.

  31. gari antle

    20 min of uploading leads to peacful computer

    The product went right on ,no fuss ,no muss works great

  32. Jackie R. Hinkle

    my windows10 pro was emailed to me and i had …

    my windows10 pro was emailed to me and i had no problem downloading and activating windows. thank you so much for your help.

  33. Steven

    Good Purchase

    Came sealed.

  34. James C.

    Clean installation is worth the price!

    I purchased this to do a clean format on an odd Windows 7 to Windows 10 upgrade. A clean installation is worth the price!

  35. Amazon Customer

    Windows 10

    I received a valid product code and was able to activate Windows with no issues. 

  36. Amazon Customer

    Very much so recommended for every one that injoys windows.

    Windows ten pro hear it’s boss. Easy to use and perfect for gaming!! Plus it makes for some d*** good office utility as well.

  37. Rachael


    Great alternative than buying directly from Microsoft. Packaging looks a bit off compared to “Official” Microsoft products, but works just the same. Would highly recommend for anyone installing a brand new OS in their computer.

  38. t reviewer

    Easy to install, works well.

    I used this one when I replaced my hard drive. It was very easy to install, and worked well. I’m very satisficed with the results!

  39. Kam

    No issues.

    Installed easy, working with all my components.

  40. NavyRet

    All in all a GREAT deal.

    Worked perfectly to upgrade a Win8.1 computer to Win10 Pro. Took a couple of hours, but everything went through without a hitch. AND the price was right – way less expensive than buying a license from Micro$oft – plus I have the actual disk if I need to reinstall. All in all a GREAT deal.

  41. Tan Kuan Khoon

    The version of Windows to upgrade to, if you haven’t done so.

    Installs smoothly and without hiccups.For users with Windows 7, 8 or 8.1. Well, you have a free copy from Microsoft via your update function so you can stop reading this review and go try Windows 10 for free.For users who are planning a new PC, it’s time you start shoring up our dwindling PC sales and give the mobile devices a run for their money.

  42. Terrence

    works as expected

    works as expected 

  43. Fermin Galvez

    Reliable vendor

    Just build a new computer with this operating system and it works greatly hot the operating system in 2 days before the due date.

  44. TN

    Bought it just so I can have “the best”

    I only bought Windows 10 pro 64bit because I like to have “the best”. I’m more of a gamer then doing work so most of the “features” I don’t need. I feel like Windows 10 is more for a laptop because of ok the go stuff.

  45. Luis G Coreas


    Very good product

  46. Techno T

    Windows 10 is the one you want!

    At the time of writing this review (Feb/2017) is the only seller of this product, which is 100% trusted. I purchased 2 copies of Win 10 64 bit OEM and both came 100% legit and sealed in original packaging. The bad reviews you see are from 3rd party sellers.Windows 10 x64 bit is great. It really is leaps and bounds better than Windows 8/8.1. It takes some getting used to over Windows 7, but after using it about a year I genuinely like it more than 7. Updates are always roll-ups, which is nice because no matter how old your copy of Windows 10 is, when you update, you will get a single OS update that includes all fixes.If you’re buying Windows, you really should get Windows 10. It may even be the last actual version of Windows, so better to learn it and get used to it.

  47. Christopher Selvik

    Excellent product

    Excellent product, thank you.YouTube – TexWegian1990

  48. Scott Oberley

    It worked!

    Disk and code arrived promptly. I had already went to the windows website and downloaded the latest version and had it loaded. I then input the code sent and it all worked. This was one of the better prices I found for windows 10 Pro.

  49. Sameer

    It works

    It works. These are for custom computer builders or if you want to upgrade your current Windows 10 Home license to Professinal license on a Dell, HP, Samsung, Asus, etc. computer. This is for 1 computer only. If computer breaks down and is retired then this product key can be tranferred to a new computer you build or buy. If your computer has a Windows 7 license product key then you do not need this. Your Windows 7 key or Windows 8 key can be used to upgrade to Windows 10. You can download the Microsoft Media Creation tool for creating a Windows 10 disk or flash drive if you have a Win. 7, 8, or 10 product key already.

  50. Maverick 1

    Love it

    I Bought a new laptop that had windows 10 home edition on it. I did a clean install with this Windows 10 Pro Edition and it boots up much faster without all of the bloatware that used to be installed on it from the manufacturer.

  51. Caleb Kierum

    Key worked perfectly

    The key worked perfectly. I didn’t even end up using the disk that came with it.I am not sure why there are so many review that claim that the software key does not work well. Perhaps there is a small chance that this could happen but hopefully they would give you your money back.I used this key to install Windows 10 on my MacBook Pro 2017 using Apple’s Bootcamp tool. It didn’t take too long and was very easy to install.

  52. Ron Krogel

    Good value

    Basically an OS, what I really liked was the sticker for the machine so when I go to sell it it looks like a genuine OS and materials also look genuine as they should.

  53. Raymond V. Lewis

    Windows 10 not much more to say

    Windows 10. What more to say. It installed so my computer is more than a large paperweight.

  54. SXO

    I’m happy with Windows 10 Pro as operating system and have …

    The version of Windows 10 Pro that I received was older version and had none of the updates, but for the price that I got it for was worth the little extra trouble to down load them. I’m happy with Windows 10 Pro as operating system and have had no problems with it.

  55. Luis Giron

    Fast delivery and Easy to installation

    Windows 10 pro OEM was easy to installed. I did not have any problems. At the beginning I was a little doubtful thinking that it was not a legal copy. But after inspection of disk and packaging it as a real OEM from Microsoft.

  56. Stuff

    Buy from cjkeymall to be safe

    This review is for the OEM Windows 10 Pro 64 bit version. After reading all the negative comments/issues I bought this with cjkeymall being listed as the seller. That worked as I received a double white sleeved DVD. The outer sleeve had the typical legalese. The inside sleeve had the COA sticker with the activation key partially hidden by a grey Microsoft scratch off. I used the key on a fresh install and the activation worked without issue. I then peeled the sticker off and put in on my computer case as the license is not transferable anyways.The disc and packaging has 2015 copyright dates but outer part number sticker had build date of 2016 and version 1607. After installing it shows release version 1607 as well.

  57. Omar C.

    Worth it. Not reverting back.

    It’s a great OS. For all the complaints of a skimpy app store, having all the important apps plus thousands of others on the desktop is a huge plus. Plenty of quality games as well in the store. Privacy concerns, while valid, can certainly be avoided. You can opt out of just about everything as far as I know. You don’t even have to log in with a MS ID if you don’t want to. Local accounts are available. So, you can have the privacy of Windows 7 with the power of Windows 10. Local accounts were available on Windows 8, but it was less obvious as to how to choose that option when setting it up on install than it is now. Windows 10 is more transparent, but it could do a better job at asking if you want to choose a local account or sign in with MS ID instead of assuming that you are signing in with a MS ID. Stability is close to flawless.Edge has come a long way, and I’m looking forward to PDF markup capability coming in the fall update. Of course you can use your favorite browser, whichever that is. Cortana, however, is limited to Edge.SMS phone integration has gotten better, but still limited. You can reply to sms in the notification bar, nowhere else, unless you use Skype as your primary messaging app on a windows phone. Not sure how that works with Android/IOS phones, but I know you at least get notifications.Speed is fantastic. Boot to desktop time is typically 10 sec or less with an SSD. Pretty quick with a standard HDD as well. 

  58. Amazon Customer

    Product is exactly as described, this works perfectly.

    Product is exactly as described, this works perfectly. Received the e-mail key within 1 hour of purchase Please follow the directions above to upgrade to Pro before entering your key so you have Pro not home

  59. harry7770

    You got my computer working really great

    Thank you for helping me out with this product

  60. S. Belton

    No issues with activation–cheaper than buying direct from Microsoft.

    This is an OEM version of Microsoft Windows 10 Pro, meaning per Microsoft’s licensing agreement you should technically only install this software as part of a computer built from components, not a Dell, HP, etc. The software was shipped and sold by cjkeymall, came in a white envelope containing the CD and the sticker with the product key hidden behind a scratch off for security purposes. I had already downloaded and installed Windows 10 Pro from Microsoft’s website–I was able to use the product key delivered with this software to activate my copy of Windows. Unlike prior reviews, I had no issues activating the software, I simply clicked “Change Product Key” typed in this product key and within a few minutes my copy of Windows was fully activated. Not sure why others had issues, perhaps they were trying to use this software on store bought computers in violation of the OEM license.

  61. Tim H

    it activated just fine. it just sucks because it is windows but …

    the disk I got is the real deal, it activated just fine. it just sucks because it is windows but I needed it to run one program on my Mac with VirtualBox.

  62. Don

    win 10 pro 64 bit

    I am glad that I choose this product it is up to date and Microsoft has there software down pat

  63. jestjact

    Its windows

    I put it on my new system and it came alive. its a windows disk how can you review it? Just put it in a disk drive and off you go setting up windows on your computer funny how stuff works. Its windows got to love it.

  64. Cathy861

    Awesome product

    I was very surprised to see a windows key for less than 20$ And was very surprised to see it worked

  65. ABM


    An excellent operating system that greatly exceeded my expectation at replacement Windows 7. Stop the waiting and make the move to something new and improved.

  66. Liam Winters

    Cheap and good

    I received the KEY as soon as the purchase was confirmed by cjkeymall in one hour. So far so good. No errors or warnings.

  67. Richard


    I don’t care for Andriod so Microsoft is best.

  68. Sam


    I was emailed the same morning with my Product ID and it worked just fine! I will update this review if there are any issues down the line.

  69. Tobie

    The best thing since Windows 7

    I recently bought an ASUS ROG laptop that came with Windows 8.1 on it. Having come from Windows 7, I wasn’t too keen on 8.1 . When I read that it was Windows 10 ready, I decided to buy this OEM 10 x64 along with an SSD to give the HDD an extra push. I had experimented with Windows 10 TP for work and was satisfied with the results enough to take the plunge.The results have been great. Being a gaming PC builder, I have nothing negative to say about Windows 10. It’ll be even better once game developers start optimizing for Direct X 12. This is the way to go if you’re considering the jump on a machine that had previous versions of Windows installed or even building a new one from scratch. The biggest issue I’ve seen so far is people’s security software being too outdated where it just is not compatible with 10, in fact it actually causes issues with network connectivity. That’s not Microsoft’s fault, FYI.If you’re having issues with this disc, you really ought to consult with your hardware manufacturer in ensuring you obtain the correct drivers for this install. ASUS did not provide all of the drivers that were Windows 10 ready, but the nice thing about Windows 10 is that it allows some flexibility in compatibility with 8.1 drivers. I was able to mix and match a combination of drivers in this way and it has worked just fine. In fact, my laptop would often times have a BSOD when running games on 8.1 . But, ever since switching to 10, that is nonexistent! And, the even further optimizing on an SSD makes it boot insanely fast and load applications without hesitation. Well worth the buy.

  70. Roger M

    Arrived the next day! I had to upgrade my …

    Arrived the next day! I had to upgrade my main board and Processor due to a bios fail 🙁 This also caused me to need a new windows product key. I ordered this OEM version to save a few bucks. I put the key in and windows was activated in seconds. No issues! Thank you cjkeymall!

  71. R. Fulton

    Crisp Clean OEM software

    I was skeptical about the product. Had gotten bootleg OEM I am still trying to get straighten out. This was clean. Quick installation. I was an OEM, years ago (Pentium 1 and 486). This is a simple install even for an enduser.


    Great OS

    Good copy of Windows 10. It installed clean on a desktop and everything went smoothly. I like Windows 10 MUCH better than 7 and especially 8. Best version of Windows yet.

  73. Venus M.

    even after an entire reinstall it didnt invalidate so I’ll say this is legit and excellent for someone looking for windows 10

    Works perfectly, well the product key anyway. I waited a while to see if it would invalidate and it hasn’t yet. even after an entire reinstall it didnt invalidate so I’ll say this is legit and excellent for someone looking for windows 10 pro

  74. Kindle Customer

    For a NEW computer build there really is not a problem with this windows 10 disk.

    *** Please Note *** This is a windows OEM disk and it is used for NEW computer builds. If you are not building a new computer ( without going to a long lot of other details) you can either wipe your old hard drive or just install a new hard drive and install the disk.. The language pack in this version of windows 10 is in British English but that is easily changed by using windows 10 after the install..To save time ,just go to this You Tube video for directions on how to do this in windows 10.[…]

  75. Edward Kavanaugh

    GEAT PRODUCT —– BUT- Not enough initial information for purchaser.

    Too bad cjkeymall took this product offline. People were complaining that they couldn’t get an activation key label that was legible or that it just didn’t come with an activation key but that is not how this product works. (Notice Microsoft label over key code.) You just simply go thru the installation dialog boxes when it is being installed and skip the entry box for the activation key and click “activate later” and simply use the product while connected to the internet. Eventually, (usually within 72 hours), Microsoft will automatically activate the product over the internet and give you a product key in the operating system. You can look it up later and write it down or keep a backup copy later by using the activation key app.Reasonably priced and works GREAT!Will not work for an upgrade though. Only a clean install on a blank hard drive. (Best installation anyway!) So BACKUP, BACKUP, BACKUP. 

  76. A Customer

    Its windows

    It’s Windows. not much to say there.

  77. FUMDU

    Windows 10 is the Best!

    Windows 10 is the best! It comes with a disc with windows 10 installation on it and a product key. I popped the disc into my computer and started the installation. For some reason my computer crashed during the installation so I had to reinstall windows. After I had the OS up and running, I tried to activate it with the product key but it wouldn’t activate. This is because I entered the key in during the first installation and then my computer crashed, so windows thought that the key was already being used. But Microsoft is awesome about this stuff and I called there costumer service and they had windows activated in no time! Even if you run into the worst of problems Microsoft or their community can help. Windows 10 is WAY better then 8/8.1 and I totally recommend it for anyone who wants a great OS this is reliable and easy to use. Five stars all the way!

  78. Customer

    Works for me

    It works.

  79. Kindle Customer

    In my opinion the best OS released by Microsoft easy install

    In my opinion the best OS released by Microsoft easy install. Great features on the OS and has been running great for about a year on my custom built desktop.

  80. Terry Robinson

    After 3 or 4 failed attempts at upgrading from WINDOWS …

    After 3 or 4 failed attempts at upgrading from WINDOWS 7 to WINDOWS 10 (…ALWAYS STALLING/GETTING STUCK-for hours-…AT THE PROMPT …”GETTING UPGRADES” [about 32 to 45 {+/-} upgrades maybe involved here, BUT they will take only a few minutes/NOT hours after upgrade installation]….), …I FINALLY SUCCESSFULLY (!!!) INSTALLED THE WINDOWS 10 UPGRADE. The secret…1. “TEMPORARILY” TURN-OFF ‘WINDOWS AUTOMATIC’ UPDATE IN CONTROL PANEL (Reason: These two (2) operations seem-to conflict with one-another.)2. TURN-“BACK”-ON WINDOWS AUTOMATIC UPDATE “AFTER” COMPLETE UPGRADE INSTALLATION.I ORIGINALLY got a second computer exclusively to only “test” WINDOWS 10; NOW [ 🙂 ] it’ll be my main computer. I planned to,WINDOWS 10, upgrade another, notebook WINDOWS 7, computer, the same way later. 


    Replaced W- Vista Happy to I am up and running

    Worked very well with no problems. Just read the instructions and it went very well. Replaced W- VistaHappy to I am up and running. Longest time was downloading upgrades.

  82. JD

    Upgraded from Win 7 Pro

    Builders packs do not offer tech support, so keep that in mind if you are not tech savvy.

  83. Redstone

    Love it.

    I love Windows 10. I have it on all of my computers and I built one and installed this in it and BOOM! It worked! Windows!!!

  84. Mithli_Parrish

    works great. bit of a wobble after installing

    works great. bit of a wobble after installing, believe this is the english uk version, but you can add any language pack and set it as your machine’s home language very simply with windows10. is totally legit at significant saving

  85. Carl

    It’s Windows 10 on a disk. It worked as …

    It’s Windows 10 on a disk. It worked as expected and appears legit as far as I can tell. No registration issues. My only problems are with Windows 10 itself.

  86. JW

    Windows 10 Pro does very well for me. I …

    Windows 10 Pro does very well for me. I order my copies from cjkeymall. I have purchased keys from in the past and I will probably will again it is much cheaper but, the last key I bought I had to call Microsoft to get it activated because the key showed as previously activated….for a $3000 build I’m not taking a chance spent that much might as well spend a little more and get an OEM key from MS that is worry free. I’ll save kinguin for the budget builds. 

  87. Paul

    Legit. Purchased late at night, still received the …

    Legit. Purchased late at night, still received the license by email within an hour or so. Was able to activate my recently-installed Windows 10 Pro right away.

  88. CubanoLibre

    Nothing like the Real Thing

    When Microsoft promoted the free Windows 10 Upgrade, I was one of millions Windows users that upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10 for free. Months into the upgrade I experienced performance problems and s few crashes – my coworkers (Microsoft certified users) experienced the same situation. Therefore, before switching over to Apple, I decided to purchase an official Microsoft Windows 10 Pro 64-Bit system DVD. I also have reveal in this prose I am a proud owner of a Mac Mini, no negative things to say here.It is good to have an original Windows 10 running in my workstation.Thank you.

  89. SpikETBonE

    Awesome price! Would buy again.

    Fantastic. I bought two codes and received both within about 2 hours and both codes worked.Will by a few more soon. 

  90. Ozslotguy

    Buy the OEM DVD disk for a brand new build with empty SSD

    Came up and worked great, very quick and easy and arrived quickly after order. A bit confusing to know what to purchase for a full, at home, personal build of a ATX Asus motherboard and empty SSD. Of course I also had to have a DVD drive as part of the build to read the disk … but it only costs $20.

  91. Kyle Huffman

    This program has had a lot of hate when it came out

    This program has had a lot of hate when it came out, and understandably so. I have been using windows 10 however for around 6 or 7 months now and I actually like it. I think alot of the misconception was rumors and unfounded speculation about spyware and malware that windows has been infected with. I’ve turned off features and specific things to help not get bothered by stuff, and they actually do leave you alone. I however did not like being injected with the GWX virus, and i do say this because it was linux who actually allowed me to delete the trouble file on the hard drive before i switched. I loved 7, but am glad i skipped over 8.1 and its counter parts.So far I’ve not had any major problems, memory leaks, or otherwise. I’m a programmer, and can really damage a system if I put my mind to it too! 😀 

  92. MC

    Windows 10 on the cheap

    Turned out good. Easy to install!

  93. Amazon Customer

    Loaded and said key was already in use, but …

    Loaded and said key was already in use, but when I called MS, they said it wasn’t and activated. Mine came in a sealed pooch with a USB stick direct from MS. Despite the odd error, I believe MS or they just don’t care and give it away anyway.

  94. ANDRES D.

    Excelente producto…

    Excelente producto…

  95. Daniel James

    MSD 10 Pro 64 Bit

    Excellent product. Pricey! Fast shipping.

  96. angel200168


    It works

  97. pn

    Key worked

    Key worked fine. I bought it from the Nspire seller. Installed on new PC build – new motherboard, CPU, RAM, etc…

  98. Arthur

    New Experience.

    Same easy install from Windows 7 and 8.x. However, I find Windows 8.1 to be faster than Windows 10. But will see on the coming updates.

  99. Eric Barnhizer

    It’s all good!

    After my old hard drives failed, I decided to replace the upgrade version of W10 [ upgraded over W7.] with this clean install of W10 Pro. Now that my system is back to being fully restored, I have noticed a significant improvement in performance and stability. There were no issues with the installation or registration of this software. The OS has a very good set of utilities for setting up most of the hardware. My computer is a 2011 X58 based system, and I was able to install 2 new SSD’s and get everything running at peak performance with ease. 

  100. Jerry E Irvin

    Happy with this version for VR

    Needed A fresh copy with a new build, wanted more than standard as I was getting ready for Windows Mixed Reality. I am glad I purchased this.

  101. Glenn Means

    I am pleased with the way my order was handled and the …

    I am pleased with the way my order was handled and the OS software was very easy to install.Thank You for being honest.Glenn

  102. Teufe1hund

    If you are too dumb or not tech savvy enough to have done your …

    First off, dont be that moron that posts reviews about the actual operating system. If you are too dumb or not tech savvy enough to have done your research on the product before you actually ordered it than you deserve your failures. I work Global IT and beta test the OS’s from Microsoft and can say this is a far superior product than Win 8 was and you should upgrade. I can’t fix stupid but I try and inform people they are in hopes they fix themselves.As far as the actual product the OEM version of Win 10 pro. It is a great price. I spent the extra $20 to order it from cjkeymall as I usually do for most products if given the choice. If being a sorry cheapskate and buying from an disreputable seller, you probably get what you deserve. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for. 

  103. Donald O. Novar

    Worth the upgrade from Windows 8. Has both the 32 bit and 64 bit (2x faster)

    Worth the upgrade from Windows 8. Has both the 32 bit and 64 bit (2x faster)

  104. Gompal

    OK. No Pb. Ordered and received within hours …

    OK. No Pb. Ordered and received within hours. Activation is ok “you run a genuine blablabla”.Win 10 Pro is activated.Thanks !

  105. E. Davis

    Works as Expected

    Bought this item before reading the negative reviews. When I read several, I was worried that the code would not work.After building my new system, I installed the Win 10 Pro x64 version. Not having an optical drive on the new computer, I used an old Win 10 Pro x64 USB thumb drive installer.Everything loaded as expected, and the code worked the first time. Once the new machine connected to the Internet, the OS activated automatically. OS is now fully updated and current.Would definitely buy this again if I needed it.

  106. Gene Hawkins

    Windows 10. Most people have to have this.

    Installed Windows like it should. I didn’t install with touch screen, so no review input there. I have been building PC’s since the early ’90’s, so no tech support required here. The stability rating I will assume means how well Windows run. That is subjective as I have seen Windows 10 run like a scalded dog and I have seen them run like a sloth. I built this PC using medium hardware. Not the cheapest, but not the most expensive either and she runs great like that dog that got scalded. I also am an IT expert, so I know how to keep a computer running smooth.I only buy Windows when I build a PC for someone, or when I build me a new one (every 5 or so years, and yes Microsoft, I play by the rules and buy a new copy of Windows when hardware is new) to run alongside Linux. I only keep Windows on a machine to keep current so I can fix other people computers. If you are computer savvy in any way, I would recommend to try out a Linux Distro and see how you like it. 

  107. Ben Beale

    I was pleased that it worked while the eledged free update would …

    I was pleased that it worked while the eledged free update would not install at all.Its just sad that the free update ended up costing me 140 dollarsBut yes it installed witbout a hitch and i now have the full install pro versionwhenI had win 8.1 oem before.

  108. Jamaal Overton

    It’s a Win10 disc with a valid product key

    Loaded a USB drive from the Microsoft website and loaded a fresh copy of windows. The product key that came with the disc worked, so my needs were met.

  109. CAShooter

    Windows 10 rules!

    It’s Windows 10. Didn’t think I would like it. Tried Vista – went back to XP. But finally forced into updating – and putting together an new PC. Loved this OS. Wouldn’t go back.

  110. S. E.

    DVD came in a nice sealed cardboard package

    DVD came in a nice sealed cardboard package. Windows installed and registered without issue. Everything was as expected and looks legit to me.

  111. JM

    What sorcery is this…?

    I don’t understand how the seller is selling genuine Windows 10 Pro for this price. BUT IT WORKS and I don’t care to know how.Emailed link points to .iso of Windows 10 from Microsoft’s web page, burn onto CD, install with supplied code. It’s really simple as that.

  112. Kindle Customer

    My son chose it and likes it.

    I’m resistant to upgrading to Win10 but this was for my son’s computer that he was building and he chose Win10 specifically. He likes it. He’s 16 and this is for a computer that plays a lot of video games, and spends time on YouTube, Facebook, Netflix, and Spotify. Just keep in mind if you’re looking for support for other programs, the instructions probably aren’t for Win10 (yet) or even Win8, so you need to know your system well enough to be part of your own tech support team. 

  113. Michael J Rener

    Works as promised

    Arrived quickly and works as promised. Thank you

  114. R. Hood

    Seems legit

    A family friend lost her hard drive containing her licensed Windows 8 recovery partition. I tried many different approaches and tricks, but could not recover it. I purchased this to (hopefully) install an activated Windows 10 on her new hard drive. The Windows 10 installer I used offers both “Home” and “Pro” versions, but it automatically detected that the license was for the “Pro” version and installed it without prompting. After ensuring that the install applied all available updates for Windows 10 Pro, the operating system remained “activated,” so this key appears to be legitimate. Although Windows 10 itself is questionable, there’s no doubt the $16 I spent on this license was well worth it.

  115. Derek Thomas

    My new favorite OS

    The best way to describe windows 10 is that it incorporates the best qualities of windows 7 and windows 8. Everything runs and opens quickly and it feels very natural to navigate.

    2 people found this helpful

  116. Hao

    Five Stars

    Just installed, cant active when first fresh install, skipped product key and success active the windows after finished installation.

  117. E

    Windows 10 Pro 64 Bit

    It was cheaper to get this than directly from Microsoft.

  118. Calvin

    … stars fir the sellers benefit as the service was good. The product is Windows so does it deserve …

    Have to give it 5 stars fir the sellers benefit as the service was good. The product is Windows so does it deserve so many stars? No but sometimes we have no choice.

  119. L Jones

    Real. OEM disk and key

    Worth going Pro. Came with a good key and case sticker with the key on it. OEM, not a copy.

  120. Connor B.

    AMAZING! I updated a windows 8 HP laptop and …

    AMAZING! I updated a windows 8 HP laptop and it runs better than ever. Every issue was solved that the PC had before. Also, the connectivity between my devices is incredible. Great buy.

  121. tyler

    and super fast. this was a great experience

    just as simple as it says, and super fast. this was a great experience.

  122. Elvira

    Works as intended and product key was not taken/used already.

    Was afraid the product key would not work or was taken or something. Glad I was afraid for nothing.

  123. RoBoLoGy13

    To be expected.

    Heard bad things about Windows 10, and I haven’t experienced any problems. I dropped $2500 on a gaming build I built myself. I’ve installed, Steam, Twitch/Streaming stuff, multiple games … and haven’t had 1 driver issue or anything yet. It is Microsux, and within their wealth you’ll find an equal amount of greed, but that’s too be expected in 2017, corporations makes cents …. not sense. We all know Micosux could make a light weight, minimal fluff, badass operating system perfect for PC users … but they’re not … they’re going to make one just stable enough to fill with stuff from their buddies. A few tweaks to the options and you can make all the corporate ‘please stfu’ go away.

  124. Robert Smith

    Have not had a problem with this. I personally …

    Have not had a problem with this. I personally prefer to have the disc as it is something tangible I can keep track of rather than worry about saving an email with my product key in it.

  125. Kevin Smith

    but they married & are living happily ever after

    Well, my windows XP computer finally crapped out. had to rebuild it. I was a little skeptical on how the new software & new computer parts were going to work, but they married & are living happily ever after. the software actually works better than the XP ever did. set ups for network & printing are sooooo much easier. Surfs Up

  126. Crazy Marty

    If you are worried about getting a COA sticker just give the CD package away with the computer like you should

    Will get again if I build another computer.Item is by Microsoft.The key comes on the CD sleeve inside the package. It registered automatically.If you are worried about getting a COA sticker just give the CD package away with the computer like you should.

  127. T. Soczka

    Great & works

    Ordered yesterday, emailed today with key & download info. It all worked. I couldn’t be happier with AronDigital

  128. Thom J.

    Good OS. Legit. Convenient for first build.

    Bought from amazon with prime. Received it on time. Built my first pc that day. Loaded it into the dvd drive. Loaded windows. Activated it. Set up local acct and all the other jazz I researched. Runs like a dream so far.

  129. David W.

    Installed from the disk. Installation is very smooth. …

    Installed from the disk. Installation is very smooth. Up and running without a problem. The only trouble I have is the product key. The key is attached on a tiny area on package, and it’s very hard to find. I used a amplifying glass to search the package and found the key.

  130. K O

    Students! Look for the FREE education edition

    !Students! There is a free version for students. If you are a student, definately check it out!For those who are not interested in the education edition. Windows 10 is a fantastic OS, and really pro vs home edition isnt much difference. Id advise checking on the website where they show the features of each, but they both run the same.Comes as a disk in an envelope with serial key. Genuine MS product.Installed extremely quick.

  131. Bob

    works as advertized

    Win 10 easy to use

  132. Amazon Customer


    Very Good. Exactly what I ordered. Fast delivery, good service, promptly response. I will definitely back again. Highly recommended. Thank you!

  133. Rob McFaden

    Glad I did

    I too, was skeptical, but I figured for $15, I’d give it a shot. Glad I did. Activated just fine. Says Windows is authentic. Had to rebuild a system whose HDD crashed. Had a valid Windows 7 license, but installed Windows 10 and tried to use the Windows 7 key with no luck. This key did the trick. 

  134. Harry

    Item as innad

    Item as in ad

  135. Josh

    It’s good

    It’s good

  136. Elwood

    Great buy!!

    Worked perfectly several times. No complaints. Great product and fast delivery. No license or key issues. Excellent buy.

  137. Earl J. Heinrich

    Windows 10 Working OK

    Working well on the computer I installed it on in the living room. Mainly use for streaming media and playing games. And some checking of e-mail and Facebook. No problems so far, although the Edge browser does not seem to integrate with the Norton security from Comcast as yet.

  138. Salvatore M. Mancino

    Windows 10 rules…so easy to download from site…

    Why buy discs…this price was great and easy. Customer service was terrific when had a problem,.

  139. Brandon

    As Expected

    Worked as expected for my build. Genuine Windows 10 Pro licensed.

  140. Camaro gal


    Great update to Win 8 pro, easy to install and set-up. was delivered quickly….

  141. Stephen Denagy

    Well, aside from the fact that it is windows…works well!

    OK, it’s Windows. That should drop the rating. But, since I was installing this on a Mac through VMWare, it did exactly what was advertised. Runs better in emulation than on dedicated hardware!

  142. Brian

    Legit key for a fraction of the cost

    To those reading this review;Yes, I am posting an actual review of the transaction, which is a Windows 10 Professional 64 bit Serial Key. I don’t know about ya’ll, but I was DEFINITELY wary of the potential of fake reviews considering how cheap the key is. Considering the price difference of the DVD sold with an authentic key was over 100, I decided to roll the dice and see if it worked.The key installed was for a new install: so I was NOT upgrading from a windows 7 or any other version and I was installing Windows 10 for the first time on a brand new hard drive.I held my breath as I submitted the key that was purchased and was actually surprised that it had worked.FYI, the key will be sent via email from the seller after purchasing.If this review helped, please be sure to click yes below!

  143. Amazon Customer

    So Many Features and a Smooth Installation

    Well I had to update from Vista64 because some of the software and drivers are not longer supported. So I bit the bullet and ordered a new hard drive, a hard drive switch box, and Windows 10. The install went so smoothly that I decided to do my wife’s computer also in the same way. So now we both have dual boot systems with a push of a button. Windows 10 is awesome.

  144. Clifton Hayes

    Five Stars

    Nice to save 50 bucks when only you plan to install on one machine. I’m Loving it.

  145. J. Saeler

    CD is English UK Version COA works with Windows Media Creation Tool English US Version

    No problems activating but it does want to install English UK -vs- US. Wasn’t a problem, I simply used the media creation tool to generate a US flash installer and used the COA from the shipped disk. Installed and activated without a glitch.

  146. Juan Solorio

    The key worked fine to install Windows 10 on my MacBook Pro

    The key worked fine to install Windows 10 on my MacBook Pro. Got the code in about an hour. This seller is awesome. Thanks.

  147. Seraphim D.

    Best Windows Yet Despite Upgrade Nag

    While the nagging updates would get a 1-star review from me, Windows 10 is the fastest, smallest, and overall best Windows OS I’ve worked with to date. I prefer it to every prior version, including XP. This kit is great if you’re building your own system.

  148. Ron G.

    This was a nice new/ clean clean desk-top installation that took all of about ten …

    First, I have to say that I am not a computer professional, nor am I a newbie to building computers and using the operating systems. This was a nice new/ clean desk-top installation that took all of about ten minutes to complete. Being that I am making a huge step up to Win 10 from previous Win versions, there is a bit of a learning curve when using Win 10. The challenge is finding everything that used to be in familiar places that is still there but either in different places or structured a little differently. Everything is now app-based, similar to our phones, and if you can get used to approaching the operating system like you use your phone, it makes things a little easier.Some have been critical of forced updates and data mining, and other things. I chose the pro version because it lets you schedule updates. I have not had any problems. As far as data mining and other things are concerned, I really can’t tell, and can’t really say that it is more or less than what Google or anybody else collects. So overall my rating of five stars is accurate and honest and I have no reservations in recommending it to others.Edit/ addition: I must add one very important detail: After opening the packaging, you will find the bar-coded information on a sticker. Also on the sticker is the product key, which is covered by some kind of material (similar to what is on a lottery ticket) that must be scratched off to reveal the product key. Caution! DO NOT use anything metal to scratch this off or you may damage the key code. It is better to use a finger nail to scratch lightly, a little at a time until the key code is revealed. Also, once the key code is revealed you will notice that it is printed with one of the smallest font sizes I have ever seen. Get your magnifying glass out, you will need it (I’m not kidding).

  149. Debbie B

    Easy to install

    Easy to install. Actually had to transfer the files on the disk to a USB due to no disk drive and had no issues booting my build.

  150. Bruce L Pittman

    Thought it didn’t come with a software key,

    Thought it didn’t come with a software key, but I just looked at the envelope in detail and found the scratch off

  151. J S

    Five Stars

    Items arrived without damage. I will order again as needed.

  152. MRMC IT

    This would be even better if they sold the keys without the disk to …

    Always here on time and always valid keys. This would be even better if they sold the keys without the disk to save us some $$$.

  153. Ralph A. Mazzarella

    Win10 64bit pro

    Good stuff. I don’t understand what all the griping is about. Sure, there are refinements to be done, but give it time.loaded onto an i7 6700k processor with M.2 system drive. Performs like greased lightening.

  154. Donald S.

    Windows – does what it is expected to do

    Works as defined.

  155. JD

    Win 10 Pro Activation Key

    Arrived as stated email same day of order. The Win Pro Activation Key worked and activated my copy of Win 100 Pro

  156. james

    Bought directly from cjkeymall

    I bought my copy of Win10 directly from cjkeymall. No problems installing.

  157. AbiGezunt

    Genuine key in under 60 minutes

    I received an email from the seller in under 1 hour with the license key. Within 2 minutes of inputting the key, Windows 10 Pro (64 bit) popped up this message: “Windows is activated. You’re now running a genuine version of Windows.” Sweet! 

  158. Teri

    but I really love how intuitive it seems to get around in this …

    I resisted giving up my Windows Pro 7 OS, but I really love how intuitive it seems to get around in this OS version, this is a keeper.

  159. Robin

    Didnt support my video card but there is a workaround

    Fresh install on a 4 year old PC. First installed the software but no driver for my video card was available under Windows 10. Video worked OK but the resolution wasnt right. There is a driver available for Windows 8, however I couldnt get it to install. So I downloaded the Win10 software directly from Microsoft, burned the iso to a DVD and reinstalled. This time I could install the Windows 8 video drivers and it worked. The COA sticker is included. Mine was authentic.

  160. Dave

    Works Well and Recevied it without incident quickly within 10 minutes

    I used it to install a new SSD drive to my old laptop.

  161. KM


    Just use the Product Key to activate the installed Windows 10 Professional.It work.

  162. Zippytlsr

    Need live Ethernet connection to update system

    Worked as advertised, No bloat ware!!!! Just the operating system! Perfect!!

  163. C. Weaver

    Let’s Say My Fingers Are Crossed…….

    First I went ahead and got this as I wanted a copy on a older type media that I could install from a DVD. This fit the bill. I’ve installed OEM versions before (My Windows Vista was one), so this shouldn’t cause me any problems. I plan on holding off using this copy till my Win 8.1 Pro system updates to Win 10 Pro as I have reserved the upgrade and then see. I tend to “hedge my bets” and if things don’t go so good on my Win 8.1 Pro upgrade, then I can wipe the drive and I have a version ready to go. (I tend to like clean installs anyway, but wanted to see what developed with Win 10 Upgrade.) So now I have the OS and a new WD Velociraptor 1 TB drive to put it on…..I should be ready to go no matter what…..!Update: If you plan on using this to update an OEM version of Win Home to Pro you will have a problem at first. I found this out when I got a used computer with Win 10 Home on it and tried to use this to upgrade to Pro. It wouldn’t let me. Tried a number of times thru the “change product key item” but to no avail. Finally discovered how to do so by searching around on the web. It seems that you must have an un-activated Win Pro on your system first then your key will be accepted. There is a default key that upgrades Home to Pro BUT doesn’t activate it. This is where your key comes in. After you’ve used the default key to get to the un-activated Pro you then select “change key” and use the one that comes with your DVD and it will then activate the OS with the new key. A bit of a round about way to get your purchase activated but it worked for me. 

  164. M.S.

    OEM builder’s license as described. fast shipping, and …

    OEM builder’s license as described. fast shipping, and when I went to go use the disc it was UK English only (both of the ones I ordered). So to correct this you can use the license the seller sold you and Microsoft Windows Media creation tool from Microsoft, and select the language you need, fixed. 🙂

  165. SOPMOD


    This is an absolute 5 star vendor. If I could give 6 I would. I’m looking forward to buying more items to do my upgrade.

  166. zychme

    I would have loved to have received a physical copy of Windows 10

    This review is primarily seller review, not product review. The product key’s that this seller has are 100% legitimate, I found nothing wrong with the key they gave me.As other buyer’s have stated, please ignore the fishy shipping date, you’ll receive your 25 digit product key within 24 hours of purchase. I received my about 3 hours of purchase.Although, I would have loved to have received a physical copy of Windows 10, it’s just a personal preference, so I can not honestly deduct any stars. But beyond my personal desires, this seller is safe.

  167. dmd

    Bargain for Professional. It’s legit.

    This review is for the DVD sold by “Papa Trade”.I was skeptical at the price but this is the real deal. The product key activates with Microsoft without any issues. With Pro being so cheap there is no reason to pay for Home.

  168. redex25

    It’s a Great Operating System…..Go Windows 10

    Rebuilt a computer and needed an Operating System to install on the PC, so I bought Microsoft Windows 10 Pro 64 Bit. I love Windows 10 and its new features. I really like Cortana and the format of the OS. I have been using Windows 10 Since they Released the Free Upgrade from Widows 7 to Windows 10 and I love it. I have not had any problems with it. This is a Genuine Copy of a Microsoft DVD of Windows 10 Pro 64 bit and License Key. It is a great product.

  169. Robert Pardinas

    Five Stars

    Best Windows ever, and I have had them all since Windows 1.0, yep it was a DOS program.

  170. Grabber Blue Mustang

    SOFTWARE and CODE were good. Microsoft had to get involved to upgrade Windows 10 to PRO.

    I purchased this product, and it arrived fast. It did not install as expected, but this is not the fault of the seller!!! **Please note**… The OEM/COA code was good for this product but would not recognize from inside the software. I contacted Microsoft support, they connected to my device, upgraded to Pro manually and confirmed this is a good code! The code issues upgrading seem to be on Microsoft’s end. The tech was more than happy to quickly help me upgrade which tells me this is probably a known issue at Microsoft.VERY FRUSTRATING and time consuming for me as a tech business owner as it looks like they may have blocked a set of license keys. Not fair to bill my customer for manufacturer issues. If you read this and have issues installing…contact their support. I did so though chat and it worked well.I will also follow up with Microsoft on this issue, and AMAZON so they know they may have a set of legit software that has issues installing.

  171. Brer Rabbit

    Just what the doctor ordered…..

    Builder editions are not like regular off the shelf products. If you may ever need support or the potential end customer of this will need product support…this is not the product for you.I love that this product is available to me.

  172. Robert

    Works absolutely as described only used to activate window 10 …

    Works absolutely as described only used to activate window 10 pro key I obtain 10 pro on windows media creatio tool

  173. Pretty Handy

    It’s legit – no catches, no problems

    No problems, license key email showed up fast, in about an hour. This is the way Windows should be sold. Download the installer from microsoft and away you go. MS has really put in some hard work into Win10.I did get the black screen on boot issue because the laptop has a second video card. I would have hoped MS had resolved that issue. FIX: Just boot to safe mode and disable the extra video card.As a systems engineer I am just amazed that everyone in the universe is so willing to pay $100+ for Windows.I am giving an old laptop to a friend who had his laptop stolen and instead of moldy old swiss cheese Win7 I put a clean copy of win10 on it. A new battery from Walmart and an SSD drive, the old Lenovo thinkpad T500 is faster than my video editing station. 🙂

  174. David

    Works for me!

    Installed perfectly – mine came from cjkeymall directly – apparently there are some other sellers which have had issues (not unique to cjkeymall – saw similar issues described on newegg). Mine came in a double envelope, with the authentication/activation number on the inside envelope. You need to scrape the silver color off of the sticker over the license number (I wouldn’t try pulling the silver sticker off – it’s a clear sticker with the silver stuff you can remove with your fingernail or a coin on one side. Once you remove that, it’s like it’s not even there. Installed quickly, activated properly, and works as Windows 10 should!

  175. DaleM

    Perfect timing

    Time to upgrade one of my desktops to Windows 10. Found this listing and seen it had taken a fairly descent price drop so the bells went off and signaled now would be a good time to purchase a pro version. Will be doing the upgrade this next week.

  176. Ax8man

    Actual legit and usable software in hours from a trusted vendor with cjkeymall protection!

    I ordered this at lunch via the cjkeymall app. The email with all the information I needed was waiting for me when I got home. All the links and license key was included. I downloaded the .iso and the media creator tool and was off to the races!Actual legit and usable software in hours. Create you own hard media at home if you want it. 

  177. DrChuck

    Works on reloading my home system

    Did what it was supposed to do. I had originally installed windows 7 then upgraded to 8 then 10. When the system failed I could no recover from any of the recovery media I had so I had to format and start over. Has worked great since then.

  178. Sam Miller

    Genuine Microsoft Windows 10 Pro

    The only way to go for an operating system.

  179. Schnautz

    Disc and key work fine

    I received an OEM disc with a product key. Everything worked fine.

  180. Rory Rush

    I have read a lot of negative reviews on W10 but I like it. I’m not sure what the problem with …

    Installed in 5 minutes on my new build. I have read a lot of negative reviews on W10 but I like it. I’m not sure what the problem with every one not liking it but we don’t have a say it as far as I see it.

  181. Dustin

    Loaded very well with no issues.

    Going from Win 7 PRO to Win 10 PRO is a big change for us. Activation and Updates were done when we checked. We are pleased with this product.

  182. Ernest L.Flora

    Works good on my Monster

    Works good on my Monster, a few issues , but that’s Microsoft. Came with no Manual , had to get online.

  183. Frank Jones, III

    Best operating system ever

    Best operating system ever. Microsoft is finally going in the right direction. All the others are okay but this one is great.

  184. Eric Barnhizer

    It’s all good!

    After my old hard drives failed, I decided to replace the upgrade version of W10 [ upgraded over W7.] with this clean install of W10 Pro. Now that my system is back to being fully restored, I have noticed a significant improvement in performance and stability. There were no issues with the installation or registration of this software. The OS has a very good set of utilities for setting up most of the hardware. My computer is a 2011 X58 based system, and I was able to install 2 new SSD’s and get everything running at peak performance with ease. 

  185. N. Fish

    Five Stars

    THis worked perectly in the application I had. Thank you very much for sending the key ahead of time.

  186. SteveB

    Good cheap price

    Good cheap price. No diference to full retail model but apparently there is no microsoft support, but doesn’t matter because you can find whatever help you need on the internet from any number of help forums.

  187. Nick

    Easy to install even without a disk drive.

    Installed and activated seamlessly. If I had not had a disk drive, then I could have downloaded the file from Microsoft and put it on a USB.The Toshiba I installed this on had to have some BIOS settings changed before I could boot it from the disk drive, so pay attention to that when installing. I like the fact that this comes with a sticker to place on the machine giving the product key and COA. As an administrator, this makes it easy to keep a log of what keys are assigned to what laptops since we allow BYOD where I work, but have to have a professional edition of Windows in order to link up to the domain and ethically install software that we have licenses for. Keeping this record makes it easy when something goes wrong and Windows needs refreshed, reinstalled, or just a driver needs updated.Seamless installation, and convenience of using the included disk or downloading from the internet. Windows has its weaknesses, but this disk is a great product.

  188. Eeerock

    Double sealed. scratch-off perfect. No problems at all. Activated, updated.

    Double sealed. scratch-off perfect. No problems at all. Activated, updated. Not sure why others had issues, probably because it HAS to be on a NEW install, blank hard-drive, NOT an upgrade, or reload….

  189. Victor Lockwood

    Must have a disk

    I found out the hard way, “If you have a boot problem you must have the Win 10 Install disk”. I did a free simple un grade from MS, from an older 8.1. No install disk. It crapped out and could not fix without it. Seems a rip.

  190. Ash

    Five Stars

    The key code I received was authentic, which is all that matters to me.

  191. Mark

    Good keys

    Second one I’ve ordered for different builds. No problems with the keys.

  192. Leonard McCoy

    Worked as intended. First change the key to default …

    Worked as intended. First change the key to default pro key. You can find this with an Internet search. Then windows upgrades and you activate with your new key. Simple as that. Thanks!

  193. King

    Great deal on the Pro version, … since you’ll be forced to run WIN 10 eventually

    OK, so I HATE WIndows 10, but this is a Great Deal for Prime members to get the Pro version.I’m not positive about this, but I read that the Microsoft Overlords don’t force updates on the Professional version. Most of my PCs have the free upgrade with the Home version which is really, really terrible. They act like a company’s IT department, but controlling your personal assets; taking over your computer, regardless of what you’re actually doing and even restarting at their whim. 

  194. Richard Prokash


    (Bridge product) Everything received ahead of time! Exceptionally clutch!

  195. NebraskaGeek

    It’s windows…..what else do you need.

    Some people have complained about how the packaging doesn’t look “OFFICIAL”.This is an OEM System Builder. They don’t bother with fancy packaging or cases since a customer will never see it.It’s got a Windows 10 disc. The product key works. Perfect. 

  196. Vicster

    It will restore your faith in MSFT

    So much better than Win8! Win 8 had me convinced MSFT was intentionally trying to go out of business. I was actively looking for alternate OS but this has definitely restored my faith in MSFT

  197. jenksdrummer

    Works just fine and let me upgrade to 11

    Bought this for a new build, was able to download the ISO for 11 pro and install it, popped in the key from this once I was able to hit the internyand it activated without issue.

  198. Eric Dodson

    Worked fine when we did that but I spent a lot …

    Only issue was a Microsoft problem. The Disk would only install Windows 10 Home. I had to call Microsoft. The computer did have the digital license. They seemed familiar with the issue and had me put in the default product key for Windows 10 Pro and then have it update. Worked fine when we did that but I spent a lot of time burning .iso files, etc… thinking there was something wrong with the disk.

  199. Joseph S.

    No issues

    Have been using windows 10 since it came out. I have had no issues with it. I miss some features of Windows 7, but over all nothing bad to say about it.

  200. Patrick

    Works as promised

    Worked as promised. Great purchase and excellent seller. Will probably do it again in the near future for my other pcs. I used this as part of a upgrade from Windows 7.Install Windows 7 and then upgrade. Enter the key after the upgrade is done. 

  201. Shauna

    and then 7 I liked them both but with my new gaming pc build …

    I have had windows xp, and then 7 I liked them both but with my new gaming pc build I want the latest windows 10. I like the layout, did take some getting used to, but so far so good!! I would recommend if you are looking for a good upgrade.

  202. Mr. Fredric J. Einstein

    I can give a unabashadly positive review to this inexpensive …

    I can give a unabashadly positive review to this inexpensive way to upgrade from Home Edition to Professional. There are complications however if you previously upgraded your machine from Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 8.1 Home Edition to Windows 10 Home Edition. You must go through the following step-by-step operation in order to successfully upgrade your Windows 10 Home Edition to Windows 10 Professional….1) My computer originally had Windows 8.1 Home Edition installed on it. I upgraded it to Windows 10 Home Edition in January, 2016. The Activation Type was “Digital Entitlement” which means that Microsoft Update performed the upgrade from Windows 8.1 Home Edition to Windows 10 Home Edition. This “Digital Entitlement” is probably what complicated the upgrade using the Softkey Product Key.2) In order to upgrade using Softkey’s Product Key in this situation, you must perform the following steps: a) Select the button and go to Settings->Update & Security->Activation b) Select the button and enter the following “Default” Product Key — DO NOT ENTER THE SOFTKEY PRODUCT KEY AT THIS TIME!!! VK7JG-NPHTM-C97JM-9MPGT-3V66T c) The upgrade from Windows 10 Home to Windows 10 Professional will now successfully complete and the computer will reboot a couple of times. d) Once the upgrade process from Home to Professional is complete, Windows 10 Professional will run, but will not be activated. e) To activate using the Softkey Product Key, Select the button and go to Settings->Update & Security->Activation f) Select the button and enter the Softkey-supplied Product Key. Windows 10 Professional will now activate and everything will work. 

  203. Stephen S. Weber

    Works as it should!

    WIN 10, I hate it but my new build requires it so I’m stuck having to learn it.

  204. Doctor Love


    You have to forgive my suspicious nature, but for less than $12.00 it was worth a try for an upgrade from Windows 10 Home to Windows 10 Pro. However, I wasn’t going to take a chance of using someone else’s App to install Windows 10 Pro on my machine IF I didn’t have to; who knows what Trojan Horses (viruses) could be installed on your machine. So when the email came with the “Digital Serial Number” and other instructions, I simply chose to allow Microsoft to verify the upgrade number; On the first try I got a feedback message from Microsoft that it wasn’t a verifiable product code (because it wasn’t), but I tried again and (Much To My Relief) Microsoft accepted it as a “Digital Key Code” and it went through and was upgraded by Microsoft itself. You can’t ask for more than that, and I didn’t have to run the risk of having somebody install their own App on my machine ! I’m NOT saying they would, but why take the chance, besides the Digital Key Code was Verified by Microsoft ! 

  205. Jennifer Chapman

    Get the one directly from cjkeymall, don’t risk the market sellers.

    If you get a legit copy, it’s good. Also, for those having problems with the MS sticker over the CD-Key, don’t try and peel it off, very softly scratch it off like a lottery ticket. This is to protect your CD Key from getting snagged during the shipping I imasgine.

  206. Andrew Sears

    Legitimate Product!

    Bought this for my friend’s computer build. This is seriously legit. Ignore the weird delivery date; this is just the key. Seller sent key via their cjkeymall marketplace email within 24hrs, No issues activating Windows. 

  207. Matt O

    Microsoft Windows 10

    worked fine, got me out of a problem. my windows 10 certification expired in one year.

  208. Alexander Cheung


    Worked perfectly without issues on a pc build for an office computer

  209. Brian Lucas

    Everything was Beautiful and in order

    Everything was Beautiful and in order. It was an Original OEM version of Windows 10 Pro. Yes the Disk did have the embossed wording ( MAID IN Puerto Rico ) Nice to see Microsoft supportive in different regions. P.s this Bought version supported all my hardware vs the free version I downloaded as a free upgrade from my paid OEM version of Windows 8pro 😲

  210. Garr Godfrey

    Legit from, small activation code print

    Windows 10 is ok. an upgrade from 8.1. Only buy this if the seller is, and if you pay much less than $100 don’t expect it to be legit.The activation code is very, very small and it is under a “scratch off” portion on the COA label. Don’t be confused by the part that says “this is not a coa”. That is the sticker that surrounds the COA. I need a magnifying glass (or use iphone camera and zoom) to read the letters.

  211. PM

    Installed without a hiccup.

    After assembling my computer, I slip the disk into the CD/DVD and followed the instructions. Several minutes later my computer was up and running. That is all there was to it. Note: Carefully rub off the silver film that is covering the Key Code. I gently used my nail to remove cover.

  212. John Claudio

    Windows 10 Pro: Awesome Price & Professionalism

    Microsoft Windows 10 Pro 64 Bit System Builder OEM | PC Disc

     An awesome price and the latest Windows 10 Pro 64-Bit System Builder OEM, I’m sure your purchase will be satisfying. You will display more professionalism with this product.Additionally by now, I do have to say that the drivers for the latest graphic cards/GPU are very broken on Windows 10. That becomes my only disliking but we must give Microsoft time, don’t hit the dislike button because you hate Microsoft or have impatience to updates.

  213. david

    I had tried Windows 8 and HATED it. Windows 10 has combined the stiff I …

    I wasnt sure at first about whether to build my new edit system with Windows 7 or Windows 10. I had tried Windows 8 and HATED it. Windows 10 has combined the stiff I DID like about Win8 and the stuff I love from WIN7. And it boots FAAAAAAAAAAAAST!

  214. not a geek

    Good for backup.

    Well, it didn’t install on my machine because of a clone SDD. The boot sector is on the original drive. I’m sure it will be good on a fresh install. I have way too much on the computer to try a clean install.

  215. james

    Bought directly from cjkeymall

    I bought my copy of Win10 directly from cjkeymall. No problems installing.

  216. Anthony Tesoriero Jr.

    From disappointed to Ecstatic in a few hours. Well Done. Great Service

    Update to previous 1 star review. Contacted seller. He responded promptly and sent me new code that worked perfectly to upgrade my windows 10 home to pro. Worked perfectly. Fantastic experience. Highly recommend.The key arrived promptly after purchase! I was excited to get started. I purchased it after reading in the Q/A that it could be used to update windows home 10 to pro. I have been at if for 2 hours trying to find a work around but the key will not work. I purchased the key today but it will not work to upgrade windows home edition and the link provided in these Q/A will not provide an iso. I have sent a message to the seller band will remain optimistic that they will reply with a solution, however the KEY is Useless so far.

  217. Paul

    Best Windows yet

    Best operating system ever. I thought Windows 7 was the best till I installed this. Have been using Windows 10 for about 4 months now and had to buy this for a clean install. Have been suggesting this for all the new builds that I have been building for my customers ever sense and they all love it as well.

  218. John E Taylor

    One great experience

    After downloading the media creation tool from microsoft, an creating media.Everything install without any problems, would recommend this software to anyone, it was a great experience…

  219. Aaron Patterson

    Five Stars

    Legit, but only seventy and five when I bought it, the new price seems a bit high.

  220. Rock

    Fairly easy to install

    Fairly easy to install, and worked immediately, no fuss no muss, the way I like it! it seemed official to me.

  221. G. Miller

    Be cautious who you order from.

    Only purchase if sold and shipped by amazon or risk getting a fake copy.Got mine via amazon sold and shipped and it’s 100% authentic and activated without any issues!Used on a new PC build and fresh install of Windows 10, worked without any issues whatsoever.

  222. Nelson Z. Johnson

    Good price; Activated a USB key install just fine

    Good price; Activated a USB key install just fine. There are some exceptions for what it will activate. The seller will advise. Mine came over email with in 24 hours but they also mail a hard copy sticker thingy for you files or to apply to the customer’s device. 

  223. Judgemhc

    Great Product, Just as Advertised

    I needed a new License Key to remedy an activation problem with my 64-bit version of Microsoft Windows 10 Professional. After contacting the Seller and receiving an almost immediate response, indicating the Key is genuine, would work, and would not expire, I purchased it. It worked as hoped and may be the best investment I make this entire year. Thanks! 

  224. Gramps

    Product key number for windows 10

    This was for a product key number only, not an hard copy of Win10 Pro. I received the number via email just shortly after I bought it via Paypal.It worked like a charm. This not a small thing as there is a lot fraud websites out there scamming people and that is not happening with this seller. Would deal with this seller again.

  225. spenser D

    Works fine no issues

    Received my code about an hour after my order processed. Works fine no issues. Good purchase.

  226. Jerry Sumral


    Windows 10 PRO OS for installation on the new computer that I built

  227. Jeffry Morehouse

    Microsoft had offered Free Windows 10 download, but after …

    Microsoft had offered Free Windows 10 download, but after that crashed my computer, I wanted the disc, and the encryption offered by windows 10 pro, and I saved 60 dollars over the online down load

  228. NinJeezus

    Took me a bit to realize the the key was …

    Took me a bit to realize the the key was sent as the shipping tracking number. After I realized that, product activated first try. Legit.

  229. Matt C.

    Works like a charm

    This successfully upgraded and activated a Win 10 Home install to Win 10 Pro. The Win 10 install was a fresh install performed using a Windows 7 retail upgrade key, which MS activates as a full fledged Win 10 install.

  230. aeon

    Genuine OEM

    This is not a review of Microsoft Windows 10 Pro 64-bit OEM DVD itself, but an acknowledgement that the OEM package I received from cjkeymall is genuine in that it correctly matches all of the points Microsoft directs one to look for. Also, the scratch-off that covered the product key scratched off just fine, although I used a dime instead of my fingernail.

  231. Mike A

    It’s exactly what it says it is. I was …

    It’s exactly what it says it is. I was skeptical at first, but I got the Activation ID within 24 hours. Would buy again.

  232. User 3aB2c

    Great OS!

    Got this before I knew about the Media Installer you can download fromm MSFT. I had wanted a clean install of Windows 10. Either way, I am very impressed with the agility of Windows 10 and its functionality. I love the new Edge Explorer… way faster than Chrome and much more secure, plus it seems to be able to use those annoying sites that used to be ‘Chrome’ specific.

  233. Lee CoCo

    Great Product!!

    Running Boot Camp on my MacBook Air, it runs Perfect!!!!No complaints here!! Well done Microsoft!!! For now………..

  234. Earl B.

    She really likes it!

    I bought this to upgrade my wife’s Dell Inspiron 17R with Windows 7 Home premium 64 bit. She never really liked windows 7 and it had become slow and always seemed to update each time she got on it. I had the hard drive replaced with a SSD and Windows 10 64 bit OEM and she loves it. I like it as well and plan on upgrading my Windows 8.1 sometime soon.

  235. Adam

    I downloaded windows from Microsoft to make a USB install …

    I downloaded windows from Microsoft to make a USB install. Used the key from this purchase. Worked no problem.

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