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Microsoft Windows 11 Pro 1PC

✔️ One-time purchase for 1 PC.
✔️ 100% Money Back guarantee.
✔️ Direct Download from MS Website.
✔️ Automatic activation via online.
✔️ No monthly or annual subscription required.
✔️ Technical support included 30 days at no additional cost.
✔️ All languages included.

🔴 Requirements :

• Compatible with Windows
• Minimum Hard Drive Space: 64 GB
• Minimum Memory: 4 GB
• Minimum Processor Speed: 1.0 GHz

🔴 FAQ’s :

Q: What Operating Systems does this work on?
A: This product works on PC.
Q: Does this product include product updates?
A: This product includes free product updates for life from MS.
Q: Does this include Tech Support?
A: This product includes MS Technical Support via email or telephone.
Q: Is this a lifetime license or a yearly subscription?
A: This is a lifetime license – once activated you have the software forever and will not have to pay again in the future.

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28 reviews for Windows 11 Professional Activation Lifetime key

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  2. Username


  3. chuey

    Easy and seamless way to upgrade

    Worked great!

  4. Consumer



  5. Mel

    It did install

    The media could not be loaded.

     It taks a very long time to restart for the last restart. Though my new HP Laptop was a goner. be sure to have a boot disk. 

  6. skider


    Ungraded from Windows 11 Home on my new i9 intel processor system. Beware though that the 22H2 update should not be downloaded since it will cause your system to be unusable dure to the disk usage going up to 100% for not reason. It keeps the system so busy it just is not usable. The 22H2 version hopefully will be fixed but for the time being be careful with that version of Win 11 PRO

  7. W. Sung

    Easier than MS Store

    MS Store out of date, so it needs to upgrade before you can buy.

  8. Carlos Alcerreca J.

    asegurarse de que este software es compatible con tu computadora

    Desafortunadamente no lo puede instalar. Mi computadora tiene mucha memoria pero no es compatible con el software. Es necesario tener una PC reciente para poder instalarlo.

  9. Jerry

    The installation key worked

    I needed a reliable place to buy windows 11. I was reimbursed for the purchase from our school, so I went here to purchase. There are ways you can get windows 11 at a MUCH lower price though so I would encourage most people to look elsewhere online. You do not need the installation disk. I don’t have a disk drive. You can download the installation media onto a USB and then use the product key from this to certify the install. This worked for me without any problems.

  10. Seagull78

    More modern looking than 10

    I heard windows 11 was preferred for Alderlake CPUs, so I got it. The install setup process doesn’t look like 2004 garbage and looks good now. However, it basically forces you to have an internet connect to set up, which is extremely annoying, but there’s videos on how to bypass this on youtube. The new windows looks significantly different and is annoying to use because i’m so used to windows 10 

  11. Mr. Naysses L. Fontes

    Great Product

    Great Product

  12. Stephen C.

    Works great if you know how to work through the hiccup ….

    I have purchased this dozens of times to upgrade computers from Home to Pro. If you know how to work through the bug – its great. Here are the steps:Click the “Start” buttonType “Product Key” into the searchClick “Change Product Key”Click “Change”Paste the product key from your cjkeymall purchase of this licenseWindows will give you an error message and say it didnt workClick OkReboot the computer95% of the time – the computer will come back up and during the reboot if fixes whatever error is given above and you now have Windows pro. 

  13. Kimberlee

    Settings>System>Activation>Change Product Key

    Works beautifully. Open Settings>System>Activation>Change product key.You will then be given a green window to input the new product key. It took less than 5 minutes to install on my Asus 2-in-1 laptop. Restarted and went back through to settings>system>activation. At the top, it now says Windows 11 Pro.

  14. seinlin3

    A Microsoft product

    Microsoft product. What else to say? 

  15. tekjargon

    Easy to do, works

    I used this to upgrade a Dell Alienware from the scratch and dent that came with Home. I went through the normal new OS setup with Home and then upgraded right away. Worked perfectly.

  16. Daniel H.

    Hope this helps!

    This is a CD with a passkey. You can use passkey to thumbdrive the startup off windows website. With clean build, use shift f10, then type OOBEBYPASSNRO, then enter to bypass internet setup page to finish install for local account or can set up internet after install is complete. Windows should bring back “i dont have internet” prompt to fix startup on new clean set ups

  17. A Fan

    Way faster than MS.

    Paid for the key. Emailed the key in moments!!All I need is the key.THANKS!!

  18. Jack5

    A Productive and Intuitive Upgrade for Any User

    I recently upgraded to Windows 11 Home and have been extremely impressed with its performance and features. The new user interface is streamlined and intuitive, making it easy to navigate and find the apps, files, and tools I need. I particularly appreciate the enhanced Start menu and the ability to search across the web, my work, and Windows directly from the taskbar.One of my favorite features of Windows 11 is the intelligent desktop. The snap layouts and custom desktops have made it so much easier for me to organize and manage my open windows and projects. I can easily switch between different workstreams or projects, and the system remembers my layout when I dock or undock my monitor.I also appreciate the enhancements to familiar tools like Microsoft Edge, which is now the fastest browser on Windows 11 and works seamlessly with Microsoft 365, including Microsoft Teams, Outlook, and Office apps.

  19. Ted C

    So far so good.

    Bought for Xmas present gaming PC Build. Will update if something goes sideways.

  20. Amazon Customer

    Must wait to activate

    As others have posted. You must wait to activate this. I had to wait an hour. Buy it, watch a movie, activate. Your wait time may vary. 

  21. Aaron B.

    Worked for New PC Custom Build

    Installation DVD and Product Key worked like a charm. Windows 11 has way fewer mandatory M$ data mining programs than W10.

  22. Charles Love

    If you cant find your key (read this)

    If you cant locate the key after you purchase

  23. Diane C. Beaudoin

    Couldn’t use

    I couldn’t use, computer not compatible

  24. HP

    You must wait before activiation

    As others have posted, you must wait to activate this license. I had to wait about an hour before I was allowed to activate. So, buy this, watch a movie, activate. 

  25. Leonardo


    Compre la licencia para un sistema que ensamble. Temía a que no fuese compatible con Windows 11. 

  26. Lance


    Easy to load and use.

  27. James

    Saved data on system.

    Works well but too much confusing info from expert on how to use it.

  28. Michael Zawistowski

    Exactly as advertised

    Exactly as advertised.

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